Coke Studio S4 Episode 2 (Playlist of Complete Videos-BTS-Post Moments)


Coke Studio Episode 2 BTS and POST MomentsHere is the complete video playlist of Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2 featuring Sajjad Ali, Kaavish, Ataullah Khan Esa Khelvi, Asif Samraat & Zoe Viccaji and Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.
The below embedded video playlist includes back to back videos in a sequence, thus you don’t need to click ‘Play’ again and again or change the pages to watch the different video each time.

Just Play it once and it will show you the complete videos of 2nd episode of Coke Studio one by one, which includes the opening title, Official finalized performances, BTS of each song and post moments after each performance.

Enjoy the complete episode without any interruption :    😉

TIP #1: If you want to skip any video, just click on the ‘next’ arrow on the right side of the video and it will move to next video.

TIP # 2: If you are on an internet connection with speed over 1 MB, don’t forget to click on ‘360’ two times, to view the Coke Studio videos in High Definition 720p resolution.

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