Get Coke Studio Favorites CD FREE from your nearest store


Coke Studio favorites CD FreeCoke Studio is something that needs no introduction. In last few years nothing great happened in Pakistani Music except Coke Studio. And this music show, sponsored by Coco Cola Inc, has made quite a good repute of not only its brand but as well as of the country in the international spheres.

Coco-Cola, the giant beverage company, which wasn’t using Coke Studio for marketing its product up till now, but rather gave it an independant identity, has now started marketing its products and beverages from the goodwill of Coke Studio.

In a lastest development, Coco-Cola has started giving FREE CD of All Coke Studio Seasons that happened up till now to those who will buy a couple of Coco-Cola drinks. In a latest promotional campaign, as seen on one of the major retailers store in Karachi, Coco-Cola is now offering ‘Coke Studio Favorites CD FREE’ which has the collection of songs from all last 3 seasons.

Although, the songs and videos are ALL FREE to Download from Coke Studio’s Official Website, but still there would be many fans of Coke Studio who want to have this stuff in their music collection but don’t get any place to buy from. So now they have the opportunity to actually get the Coke Studio CD FREE and OFFICIALLY released by Coco-Cola itself.

so what’re you waiting for, just reach to your nearest store and buy two 1.5 Litres bottle of Coco-Cola and you will find attached with it the COKE STUDIO FAVORTIES CD FREE 🙂

Here are some more pictures of the new promotional stock offering Coke Studio CD:

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