Revisiting Coke Studio – Season Three


*NOTE: This post is the predecessor of Revisiting Coke Studio Season One and Revisiting Coke Studio Seaon Two.*

Disclaimer: This series only highlights the performances that are given in the previous Coke Studio seasons, it is CERTAINLY NOT a TOP 10 LIST or the best of the best produced by PakiUM. PakiUM may or may not agree with the order of songs reviewed in this post.

As of today, Coke Studio has aired three successful seasons, and today we are going to take you back to the third and the last year season:

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Coke Studio – Season Three:

The third installment of Coke Studio was aired in between the summers of June and August 2010. Five episodes were aired in the third season and they were entitled Reason, Will, Conception, Form and Realisation. It mainly focused on the Sufism and the artists that performed in this season are:

–         Abida Parveen
–         Arif Lohar
–         Noori
–         Entity Paradigm (EP)
–         Meesha Shafi
–         Arieb Azhar
–         Karavan
–         Zeb and Haniya
–         Amanat Ali
–         Fakir Juman Shah
–         Rizwan & Muazzam
–         Sanam Marvi
–         Tina Sani
–         Aunty Disco Project

The highlights of Season Three:

Even though this season of Coke Studio didn’t surpass its last season in form of expectation and hype, but it provided us some awe-inspiring Sufi tracks, sung mainly by the great Abida Parveen, Fakir Juman Shah, Arif Lohar, and Sanam Marvi.

11. Karavan – Yaadein

Yaadein is a different track from Karavan that will take you to a beautiful melody, which is actually created by the house-band members, especially by the violinist, Javed Iqbal. The vocalist, Tanseer Ahmed Daar must also be credit with having a gentle voice.


10. Karavan – Kaisay Mumkin Hai

Karavan, probably one of the most under-rated bands of Pakistan, is on the list again, and this time they are singing Kaisay Mumkin Hai. The house-band members, yet again, create a magical environment. But anyways, you would feel that the song would’ve been a bit longer.


9. Amanat Ali – Ae Wattan Ke

One of the finalists of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007, Amanat Ali hits the list for the first time, singing a patriotic rendition of Ae Wattan Ke Sajeelay Jawanon Incredible stuff by Gumby and all the team of Coke Studio.



8. Noori – Hoor Vi Neevan Ho

After making their mark in the second season, Noori hits back at Coke Studio exceptionally well. You’ll feel magic all around you after listening to this track as it contains Ali Hamza’s mature voice, Ali Noor’s incredible range, and Jaffer Zaidi’s inspiring work on piano.


7. Meesha Shafi – Chori Chori

After Zeb and Haniya in season two, Meesha Shafi comes out as the dark horse of season three. I love the way how the house-band members play a huge role in this song, creating a haunting environment, whilst Meesha showcase her breath-taking vocals.


6. Sanam Marvi – Manzil-e-Sufi

Sanam Marvi, hailing from Hyderabad, Sindh (finally someone from my home-town, eh? :P) is a beautiful and talented artist. Manzil-e-Sufi is a Siraiki track which explains you that music, certainly, has no language.


5. Fakir Juman Shah – Moomal Rano

A Sufi track that most people will somehow find hard to understand so therefore, I urge all of you to understand the context of the song first and foremost before making any decision on it. This is what we are; this is our tradition, our culture. Thanks to Rohail Hyatt and his team for bringing us back to our original roots.


4. Abida Parveen – Soz-e-Ishq

Soz-e-Ishq is a divine track, dedicated towards the love of the Almighty. Abida Parveen (who in my opinion has THE BEST voice in the earth today) is behind this wonderful composition. Just feel the entire track with your eyes closed and you’ll too get in to the spiritual love.


3. Abida Parveen – Nigah-e-Darwaishan

Nigah-e-Darwaishan contains soul-touching poetry explained by the mesmerizing voice of Abida Parveen. I truly feel blessed after listening to this amazing composition. Her talent is just out of this world. Outstanding.


2. Arif Lohar & Meesha Shafi – Alif Allah

Alif Allah is probably one of the most-watched and most-liked songs of Coke Studio. A track with an insane composition, having the voices of Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi, and the musical arrangements by the Coke Studio house-band members; spell-bounding!


1. Abida Parveen – Ramooz-e-Ishq

Having her at the top makes me feel great as she’s such a legendary artist, and truly a living legend. And she, undoubtedly, is one of the finest Sufi vocalists of the modern era. Ramooz-e-Ishq is a Sufi song in which Abida Parveen portrays the poet’s thoughts by her charismatic voice.


Coke Studio’s remarks and the future:

In these past three years, Coke Studio has done exceptionally well in promoting our culture and traditions to the entire world. From the artists to the producer to the house-band members, Coke Studio has played a major role in changing the dimension of Pakistani music industry. It is an awe-inspiring platform, were our beloved artists showcase their incredible capabilities to amaze the nation, and the world as well.

It is probably one of the few shows that have everything for everyone, from the matured ones to the younger ones. Pakistan is a nation that has so many different cultures and mixing them together produces something really special, and that really is where Coke Studio arrives. Kudos to Coke Studio and Rohail Hyatt for an extraordinary show, for making us groove to their breath-taking tunes, for making us understand what we really are, and for taking us back to our roots.

And with just less than one day to go, the thunder-storm of Coke Studio is all set to hit Pakistan with its powerful wave once again. The first episode of Coke Studio Season 4 is going to feature Bilal Khan, Mizraab, Jal, Sanam Marvi, Akhtar Chanaal, and Komal Rizvi.

So, what do you people think? Will this edition of Coke Studio surpass its previous seasons? What artist you’re looking forward to see in the Coke Studio Season 4? And what’s your favorite ‘highlight’ was from all the seasons? Post all your important feed backs/comments so that we know what you guys like and dislike. Thanks for taking your precious time in reading my post.

Sayanora! 😉

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