Atif Aslam criticized by Abhijit Sawant this time


Abhijit Sawant Against Atif AslamAbhijit Sawant who became famous after winning the first Indian Idol is now trying his luck with acting these days. The Singer turned actor recently showed concerns against the Superstar of Millions – Atif Aslam.

This is not the first time, any indian singer is showing insecurity towards Atif, prominent singers like Asha Bhosle, Abhijeet and Sunidhi Chauhan have earlier criticized Atif Aslam in the past.

Abhijit Sawant – who will be seen in an upcoming Bolly flick ‘Comedy ke Tansen’ – was when asked, why has he put his musical career on stake ? he replied the question with, “There’s a great deal of lobbying in the music industry. I go to music directors, they make tall claims and never revert. I have seen people who are not talented and yet get work because of their personal contacts.”

On further probing, without any diplomatic statement Abhijit sawant criticized Atif Aslam in these words:

“Look at Atif Aslam, he’s doing so many Bollywood songs. Woh kaunse angle se playback singer ke category mein aata hai?”

Atif Aslam playback singing
when Abhijit was asked If he is saying this because Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer, he was of the view:

“I’m not saying this because he is from Pakistan. I’m saying this it proves that personal contacts matter, talent doesn’t.”

It very much seems like Pakistani singers and musicians have almost captured the Indian Music Market and the singers like Abhijeet and Abhijit Sawant has no other work left than getting some attention by criticizing a popular and rising star. What can be the better idea to remain in the news than this ?

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via Times of India

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