Qayaas releases Official Music Video of Shehrezade


Qayaas songs and music videosShehrezade is an invocation of the evil, seemingly beautiful people (in this case a woman) are capable of. The title itself is reminiscent of classical fairy tales building to an expectation of a love ballad, only here the beauty of the name belies the darkness and torment it actually evokes. It is like the lingering shadow of a nightmare that threatens to taint reality with its virulence.

Shehrezade is not merely a name but an entity, a world where modesty and debauchery, beauty and ugliness, good and evil are all black and white. There can be no shades of gray filtered through the permissiveness of new age morality. It is a most primitive defence mechanism against the beauty in evil and the evil in beauty.

Watch the Official Music Video of Qayaas – Shehrezade:

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