Everything You want to Know about KOLACHI – a Pakistani Sci-fi Film


If you are already following this blog, chances are that you have watched the Exclusive first trailer of an upcoming Pakistani Sci-fi Film Kolachi, which was shared here last month before it went Viral.

Pakistani Science Fiction Film Kolachi

Kolachi’s introduction:

Kolachi is an upcoming Independent Film project by a Pakistan based Australian Film-maker and Writer Summer Nicks. The Film is being produced by Summer Nicks, Meher Jaffri and Craig Peter Jones, while it will be directed by Mansoor Mujahid and shot by Faraz Iqbal. Meher Jaffri, being one of the producers, will also be seen acting in Kolachi.

Web Version Trailer Released to Attract the investors:

A few weeks back the trailer of the movie was released over internet via YouTube. The team Kolachi wanted to show their stuff to the targeted investors. It was a private Youtube Video, especially uploaded for the investors in Dubai and London. But as the trailer was mind blowing it started spreading peer to peer. As soon as it released over social network it went viral and fetched over 30k views in a week only

All the geeks and those who wants to support the Pakistani entertainment industry had watched this amazing trailer even it was NOT  intended to release publicly, but to showcase to the investors abroad.

Movie Release Duration and Date:

The movie Kolachi will enter the production phase in April 2011 while the film-makers are expecting to complete it within a time span of 8 months and release the movie by the end of this year. The movie will then later release in different countries as well.

Screening at film festivals:

Before the movie gets released in Cinemas all over, it might be screened in The World’s famous film festivals. According to the film makers, they want to take this movie to Main film festivals like:

  • Toronto film festival
  • Sydney film festival
  • Berlin Film Festival
  • Sun Dance Film Festival
  • Vancouver Film Festival

Kolachi is 60% English 20%Urdu 20% Punjabi:

The language of the movie will be mainly English however Punjabi and Urdu will be the secondary languages used in this locally made movie. The film-maker also intends to make different version for different audience to remove the linguistic and censorship barriers.

Cast include:

The cast of this highly anticipated movie includes Meher Jaafri, Summer Nicks, Hisham Aziz, Moiz Baadshah, Akbar Islam, Saqib Khan, Fawad Khan and Shahroz Subzwari.

Film Location:

The Film will be mainly shot in Karachi and will cover the areas like Saddar and Defence etc. Outskirts of Karachi can also be shot.

Expected Budget and Investment/Sponsorship :

According to the Film Producers, Kolachi will cost around 30 Million(3 Crores) Pakistani Rupees and will be completed within 8 months time. They are still seeking for investors, Interested Sponsors can approach them on info@bodhicittaworks.com, where they would be provided with a ‘detailed investment prospectus’ containing all the pros and cons of the project.

Here are some movie stills from Kolachi:


Kolachi Movie Trailer

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