Uth Records – Announcing RamLal in Episode 6th


Uth Records – Announcing RamLal in Episode 6th

Based out of Karachi, RamLal is a contemporary band that works with a diversity of eclectic sounds and influences to produce unique compositions.

Consisting of musician Mohammad Fazli on Lead Guitar, musician and audio engineer Muhammad Agha on Rhythm Guitar and vocalist Faraz Lodhi who was also seen and heard as in Chicago the Musical, the band are currently in the process of recording their first album while simultaneously also working on their second album. Speaking about their experience on the Uth Records stage and on their interaction with the producers the band has said “Ufone Uth Records producers are skilled individuals; working alongside them has been a great experience and was a lot of fun.”

RamLal are looking forward to make their musical mark with their original and unconventional song, ‘Naughty Boy’.

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