Best World Cup Songs by Pakistani musicians in 2011 (with Videos and Ratings)



Best World Cup Songs Pakistani Musicians 2011

With the incredible World Cup fever going around, we – the PakiUM staff – present you with one, if not THE, most talked about topic. In this post, we will give ratings to the best World Cup songs by Pakistani musicians in 2011, and also admire their hard-work and dedication towards our national team’s success in the 2011 ICC World Cup so far. Over the past few years, our music industry had shown their effort in providing glimpses of motivation for the Pakistan cricket team, but this year, there has been a massive support from our music industry, which always is a good sign, and hopefully with this support, we will be crowned as the new World Champions.

Ali Zafar – Rise of Jazba
Ratings: Audio 8, Video 9

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Pakistan’s heart-throb, Ali Zafar has sung this inspirational song named Rise of Jazba, which actually means spirit in English. Ali Zafar sounds good in this song, music is well composed, and the video is also fascinating, featuring the likes of ‘Boom Boom’ Shahid Afridi and the ‘Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar. From start to the finish, everything in this video look superb, as it has a nice storyline with it as well. Good camerawork, good locations, and a good storyline – all in all, a good music track to begin our post with.

Watch/Listen/Download : Rise of Jazba



Ali Zafar – Yeh Dunya Hai Dilwalon Ki
Ratings: Audio 6, Video 9

Sponsored by : Pepsi Pakistan

Ali Zafar comes up with another song, and this time it’s called Yeh Dunya Hai Dilwalon Ki; the song has a good feel into it, and the singer should be credited for his charming voice, but people might consider Jazba as a better track than this one, both audio-wise and video-wise. The video of this song has been shot in lavish locations, and it appeals to the viewers’ eyes, and most importantly, the presence of Ali Zafar is there. It shows young fans imitating Afridi and Kallis, and Ali Zafar himself does the Shoaib Akhtar aeroplane celebration.

Watch/Listen/Download: Yeh Dunya Hai Dilwalon Ki


Ali Azmat – Josh-e-Junoon
Ratings: Audio 9, Video 6

Sponsored by : LU Bakeri

Josh-e-Junoon is a track which has been composed by Shuja/Naqash, and sung by a living-legend who has played a vital role in stabilizing and revolutionizing the music industry of Pakistan during his Junoon days – Ali Azmat. He single-handedly dominates the entire song with his unique vocals, providing lots of Jazba and Junoon. Video of the song looks good as the director has tried to show how much cricket means to the people of Pakistan; 1992 ka Jazba, 2009 ka Junoon, 2011 ka Josh-e-Junoon. It’s good, making the people remember the past, and look at a possible future. Only negativity in this song/video is the overused marketing/publicity of LU Bakery, which surely doesn’t catch the eye as much as they are wanting to, because the viewer/listener is just engaged to the amazing vocals of Ali Azmat.

Watch/Listen/Download : Josh-e-Junoon


Siege – Aisi Ki Taisi
Ratings: Audio 8, Video 8

Sponsored by : WATEEN

Aisi Ki Taisi is a foot-tapping number, which has some awkward wordings like ‘Mundi aisi torenghe’, ‘Jhande aise gharenghe’, ‘Ulta karke maarenghe’, but who cares when everything sounds astonishingly alright? It is a dhoom dharaka track, sung by the foursome of Siege band, and musical instrument like dhol has been used throughout the entire song. The video, which has been directed by Team ZDS Productions and Saqib Siddiqui, looks fresh, with the band of Siege and other people dancing around the streets, enjoying and making fun of the opposition of our national team.

Watch/Listen/Download : Aisi Ki Taisi





Jal – Uraan
Ratings: Audio 6, Video 5

Sponsored by: LG Pakistan

Jal the band has come up with a song named Uraan, which has a strong impact on its starting due to Gohar’s impressive guitaring skills, but somehow, the Josh factor fades away after the ‘Naya hosla hai naya apna josh’ line. Uraan gets a total of 6 points out of 10 in the audio department because the track lacks its energy quotient, which is a must needed for a motivational song. Gohar has done a remarkable job though as he has done all the hard-work with his guitar, but Farhan Saeed needed to improve his part. Uraan’s video also lacks in providing the excitement to the viewers, and it’s just simple but boring at the same time.

Watch/Listen : Uraan



Lagan – Dum
Ratings: Audio 2, Video not released

Lagan’s Dum has been composed/produced by Sami Khan, lyrics have been penned by Waseem and Aftab. It is a song that has been plagiarized by Fifa 98 World Cup OST, and that is the main reason why this song has been rated below par. Originality is a must do now a day; yeah, we can look up to the inspirations, but this song is completely copied. Lagan is yet to release the official video for Dum, and the only reason why we have given them 2 points is only because of their effort to step ahead to motivate our nation’s cricket team.



Kamran Ahmed & Various Artists – Play for the Game
Ratings: Audio 8, Video 3

Sponsored by: Western Union

Play for the Game features Kamran Ahmed of 82 Rocker representing Pakistan, Tausif representing Bangladesh, Sherrin representing India, Natasha representing Sri Lanka, and Sajjad Islam of UAE helping out everyone in the chorus and starting. This song targets the four Asian countries that represent cricket globally – Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. It is an impressive song, with a good rhyme, but the video could’ve been improved; it just shows various clips of the cricketers, and all the singers singing their part of the songs respectively in the studio. We appreciate their effort and hard-work that they have put in to this song, but now a days, a good video is definitely a plus point and a must-needed thing for any song. Our final view? The makers of this song should’ve approached toward a decent video.



2D Band – Cricket We Love You
Ratings: Audio 8, Video 8

Produced by GEO Super, Cricket We Love You is a track filled with rocking guitar riffs/vocals, boosting drum sounds, and all in all – having a solid beat. This song is very different than the other songs related to the World Cup song (except Siege’s) and this is definitely here for a change. Video of this song is attractive as it shows cricket lovers chanting out the title of the song throughout its entire playtime, showing their love and faith towards the wonderful game of cricket. 2D Band should be appreciated for their teamwork on this particular song.

Listen/Download : Cricket We Love You



Saad and Hadi – Pakistan Zindabad
Ratings: Audio 7, Video 8

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Pakistan Zindabad is a debut track by the duo of Saad and Hadi. When was the last time some newcomers started their career with a song dedicating toward the nation of Pakistan, and its evergreen passion for cricket? These new guys have started their career with a bang, and it seems like they have what it takes to reach to the top level. Audio-wise, it’s an impressive start by the duo, as Saad shows skills with guitar, while Hadi has a personality of soothing vocals. The video of this track, especially the editing and cinematography, must be appreciated. However, with all said, it’s still a long way to go for these newcomers.


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Last but certainly not the least; we would want you to appreciate our music industry for their dedication and hard-work that they put into their work. I highly recommend listening/watching to; Jazba by Ali Zafar, Yeh Dunya Hai Dilwalon Ki by Ali Zafar, Josh-e-Junoon by Ali Azmat, Aisi Ki Taisi by Siege, 2D Band’s Cricket We Love You, and Saad & Hadi’s Pakistan Zindabad. Hear out their marvelous stuff and get entertained as they are our source for inspiration… And remember, united we stand… divided we fall… So let’s stand together and show to the world that we are the nation that produces some of the top-most quality music artists to the world!

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