Ali Zafar,Arif Lohar,Atif Aslam, Saeen Zahoor live with 22 person orchestra at Standard Chartered Priority Night


AtifAslam-AliZafar-Arif-Lohar-Standard-Chartered-Priority-Night1-25-march25th March is the date that will be remembered for the years to come, as the day witnessed all the Major Music Sensations of Pakistan at one platform. Today Ali Zafar, Arif Lohar, Atif Aslam, Saeen Zahoor, all performed side by side at the Exclusive Standard Chartered Priority Event that was held today at Mohatta Palace, Karachi.

As we reported earlier that Karachiites had the opportunity to enjoy this once in a life time opportunity, it has been now availed by the luckiest audience that was present there on invitations.Our team were there to cover this most exclusive event of the decade. Till we process and release the HQ Pictures and Videos that we took there. Enjoy the bits that was reported by the eye witnessed team members of ours.

Fahad Suleman, Waqas Sarwar and Arsalan Ali were the team members that attended this fabulous event on behalf of Team PakiUM.

Here are the timely reports that we received:

09:50 PM PST: Ali zafar took the stage and started with his brand new album title track ‘Jhoom’. After that Channo, Rangeen and Yaar Daadi were the tracks that mesmerized the audience. Ali introduced the audience with his brand new album ‘Jhoom’ and revealed that it took 8 months of him to complete the album Jhoom.

At almost 10:30 PM PST: Arif Lohar joins Ali Zafar on stage and both performs a song together. Soon after this, the host comes to stage and introduces the audience with Arif Lohar and his Chimmta.

At 10:40 PM PST : Arif Lohar starts performance with his most famous ‘Jugni’ and takes the audience by storm. Arif extends ‘Jugni’ for over 13 minutes. The crowd is just getting crazy after him and artist-audience co-ordination is at its peak right now.

At 10:54 PM PST: ‘Channa wala saiyaan’ is the second track Arif Lohar is performing, during this performance he asks the orchestra to stop playing and to the audience to clap on the beat. An amazing experience !

Our team member says ‘its just like I am experiencing a Mini-Coke-Studio at Mohatta Palace, It is just once in a life time opportunity’

Then one team member also reports that Asad Ahmed of Karavan gives a Rock Feel to Jugni with his guitar riffs. This was the modern rock version of Arif Lohar’s JUGNI which was released in 2005.

Just after finishing the JUGNI Arif finishes up his performance with a two words ‘thank you’ note.

Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar together at Standard Priority EventAt 11:05 PM PST : Atif Aslam joins the party , the most popular singer of Pakistan starts his performance with a slow version of his smashing hit ‘Lamhay’. Atif is wearing a full suit wearing a tie, looks just like an Executive of the Standard Chartered Band. His long hairs are now gone, short hair suits him the most.

Tere bin is the 2nd track Atif Aslam is performing and this is very much a jazz version.

Saeen Zahoor joins Atif Aslam and now they both are singing ‘Man Kunto Maula’ and ‘Kee Jana mein kaun’ with a fusion touch of some English song.

Saeen Zahoor performs his hit Coke Studio number ‘Allah Hu’

Ali Zafar comes to stage again and joins the Great Folk Singer Saeen. Together, they are performing ‘Teray Ishq Nachaya’ , ‘Maula Ali Maula’ and doing a fusion of ‘Ke Dasan kee Haa ke baat sunawan Ishq Diyan’

And here our reporter stops updating us, probably the concert has been finished.

Keep checking this blog as it will be updated with the Exclusive pictures and Videos of this concert very soon.

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