Be optimistic about Pakistani Films, Watch Sasti Masti


We all are aware of the sad situation of Pakistani Film Industry. But there is still some hope when we see movies like Khuda Ke Liye, Ramchand Pakistani, BOL and Kolachi in line-up. An interest is definitely developing in the new film-makers to revamp this badly negated industry.

The new generation of Film-makers is all ready to revive the Film Industry in Pakistan. Though, they are not highly professional , experienced and equipped with all modern facilities but still they are trying some new things in their own way, and in a ‘very Pakistani way’.

One such effort is done by Ahmer Naqvi, a graduate in film-making, with his ‘Biggest Short Film Ever’ called ‘Sasti Masti’ (translated in English as ‘Cheap thrills’ )

Biggest Short Film Ever Sasti Masti Poster
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This short film is a complete feature film in its essence. In a very limited time frame, the film maker shows you a complete movie which includes all ingredients in it like Drama, Comedy, Action , thriller , Romance and even an amazing Climax.

The one thing I liked very much about this short film is the inclusion of various Latest and Underground tracks as the background scores.

Song by The Kominas for a ‘WEHSHI’ scene and ICU band’s 5 Chuhay as background score for action pack scene. It also features  Zeb and Haniya’s two tracks Chup and Aitebaar, which are also very nicely pictured. Lastly, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s eternal soundtrack for the climax makes this short film even MORE FILMY.

It’s certainly not the BEST FILM EVER, but perhaps the BEST TRY EVER to give tribute to Lollywood. We hope other film makers would also get some inspiration from this and come out with more brilliant stuff soon.

PakiUM will be introducing you with more stuff by our upcoming film-makers. So keep checking this space to know WHAT WE HAVE FOR FUTURE !

Check out now the Part 1 of SASTI MASTI:

Part 2 of SASTI MASTI :

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