VIRAL VIDEO: The Best Pakistani World Cup Song So Far


Just because an unbelievable and unexpected match lose against NewZealand. The whole nation has become numb and might be paralyzed psychologically, I guess. There has been released SO MANY WORLD CUP SONGS for the support of team Pakistan. But the one which is getting VIRAL OVER cyber space is an extreme height of EPIC FAIL.

The said Music Video Song has been already shared by all  the major Facebook Fan Pages of Pakistan, joining them are also our music celebrities like Abbas Ali Khan and Zaain ul Abideen. Who knows Ali Zafar  and then Atif Aslam will be sharing this hilarious stuff on their pages.

Check out this freaking bullshit world cup song and you can then Abuse me like the same way I did with the one who introduced me with this shit ! Huh

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