Usman Riaz’s talent promoted, song wasted (UTH Records Episode 3 Review)


Usman Riaz in Uth Records show 2011I just finished watching off the 3rd Episode of UTH Records. In this brand new episode, Uth Records brought another very young and upcoming talented musician into limelight. The new champ named as Usman Riaz, had been playing in the Underground Gigs of Karachi for quite sometime. This new show no doubt helped Usman to introduce his amazing talent to the masses.

Usman Riaz is famous in Underground Circles for his ‘tapping’. According to Wikipedia:

Tapping is a playing technique generally associated with the electric guitar, although the technique may be performed on almost any string instrument. There are two main methods of tapping: one-handed or ‘ordinary’ tapping, and two-handed tapping.

Usman knows and plays it all !

In this 3rd episode, we were expecting some interesting ‘tapping’ or some new ‘techniques’ introduced by Usman Riaz. As the guy doesn’t sing, so the producers of UTH records decided to give his talent ‘a voice’. For this, they invited Ali Noor of the band ‘Noori’ all the way from Lahore. Ali Noor, a famous rock-star of the country, was one best choice to create more hype for this show. We were expecting a  performance like Faraz Anwar, who was featured with Jumbo Jutt in Episode 2, and he simply nailed it ! so as the first band of Uth Records. A Win Win Situation!

Ali Noor Usman Riaz in UTH Records

Like always, the team UTH Records did good job with recording the show , behind the scenes footage were like always funny and humorous. Including a B$%^&***d  Gaali by Ali Noor (yeah musicians are also like us) and showing the whole procedure of making songs was another plus for this episode. A lot of youngsters may want to know how things work in some professional studios.

Coming back to the show, the first part of it went awesome, as we watched Usman showing and introducing his tapping skills to Ali Noor. It was all great ! until out of no where the actual song started in second part. I was watching it and kind of confused that either the song has been started or not. (Facebook may be the culprit)

Yeah it was continued but don’t know why I wasn’t feeling anything. I was actually waiting for some magic. Ali Noor’s vocals were so damn high on notes that I couldn’t concentrate on what actually Usman was playing in the song. (Sorry I am only a music listener and not a musician)

Lately, I had confessed that the show was stolen by Ali Noor. (No Offense, its a compliment!)

It was supposed to be an Usman Riaz’s talent show. But in my personal opinion, the producers at UTH Records couldn’t do justice with his talent. Although they promoted him well, with an excellent introduction by conducting an interview with his father, but his song slot went wasted.

Lets just try to imagine, wherever he would go to introduce his debut recorded song to someone, the listener would say, ‘MAN, its very much noori-sh’ stuff where are you in this particular song ? ‘

How do you rate this collaboration between Usman Riaz and Ali Noor ?  Could it be better? or it was the best that could be extracted out of him? Please do write in the comments section below.

P.S : Sorry for the bad English and typos , just published this post from a Wifi internet connection on a computer shop 155 KM away from my home comfort. We are here for a Mission !

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