Usman Riaz’s “FIREFLY”-Review


By Salman Siddique


For people who don’t know Usman Riaz, I must say that this fellow really has something to show to the Pakistani Music audience! Usman Riaz adopted this awesome playing style known as “tapping”, very brave. Choosing such a difficult style and carrying it through hurdles is worth appreciating! Talking about Pakistani Music listeners, majority of them don’t even know the difference between Jazz and Blues, so adopting tapping is a risk after all!

Usman Riaz recently released his first video of his instrumental “Firefly”. The video is directed by Bilal Khan and Shayan Agha ,Bilal Khan also being the Director of Photography. By the way ,the video will not like amaze you if you don’t watch it till the end! and after the touching end, you won’t help yourself uttering words of praise for the producers and all the people behind the video.

I will not blow the whole suspense. I am inspired by the bold video shot if you ask me! And about the idea, I would just remark it as “Flawless”. I, being a musician, have to face low times. But in the end self-satisfaction is the only determination and inspiration I am left with,even if nobody praises my work! Being optimistic is a blessing, and not a curse in any way!

What can I say about the composition… Its fresh,energetic, and full of expressions. Even Rohail Hayat loved it. He offered Usman Riaz to initiate a recording when he played “Firefly” in front of him! I mean, play it, close your eyes, and you will know that this beautiful composition is related to Pakistan!

“Firefly” reminds me of the first Basant wave in the grass fields of my homeland! It teaches me not to be sad, and value self-satisfaction the most! It inspires me not to give up! These qualities make you stand out of the crowd rather than being a part of it!


Best of luck Usman Riaz!



Usman Riaz – Fire Fly

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