Coke Studio stuff starts leaking out ! this time a complete song


coke studio season 4We were just bringing the inside stories and news from Coke Studio Season4. Didn’t know the fact that there would be LEAKS for whole song over internet.

A complete song from Coke Studio has just been leaked by Koolmuzone, a music blog. The song seems very much a song by The Sketches, which also confirms that the band is in the studio.

According to folks at KM, who leaked the song first , it has the vocals of the son of Allan Faqir and The Sketches Band. When we gave the track a try, we found it very much like The Sketches stuff.

Check out yourself here:

Leak song from Coke Studio – Allah Hu or Nind Nashe Vich

A very similar track like this have also been performed by The Sketches in a concert. Check this Live performance song by the band and compare it with the above provided LEAK:


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