Bilal Khan in Coke Studio Season 4


Bilal Khan in Coke Studio Season 4The heart throb of thousands, will soon become the apple of eyes for Millions. Based on some reliable news reports we have received from sources, the ‘Bachana’ fame Bilal Khan will be featured in the upcoming Season 4 of Coke studio.

When we tried to contact Bilal on this, a complete silence was observed on this issue. Which forced us to conclude that there is definitely something cooking and artist is in diplomatic mode regarding this news.

Bilal khan – whose hit single ‘Bachana’ became an instant hit over internet and then later on FM and TV Channels – has had almost 400,000 views on his Youtube Video only. ‘Bachana’ is not only the sole hit by Bilal Khan, he has released over 6 tracks online For Free. All the free singles Bilal threw over internet, are hit. Taqdeer, his second High Quality Official Music Video, directed by Shandana Sarmad, has also received a good response from mass media viewership.

Bilal Khan’s inclusion in Coke Studio is a message for all the upcoming talented musicians in Pakistan. If you can make some easy melodious tunes, to which people can relate their lives, you have high chances to get success and fame. Bilal Khan, who is a Lums universiry graduate, marketed himself with an effective social media campaign. As a result, he has around 53k fans following him on Facebook only.

We see Bilal’s future quite impressive! Coke Studio is the platform that can bring the best out of Bilal and transform his raw tunes into more melodious and catchy ones. For this we all will have to wait, to see Bilal Khan at the Official Press Conference of Coke Studio in Karachi.

Till then lets listen again all of his released singles and unplugged songs:

1. [] Bachana – Bilal Khan
3.99 MB · MP3
2. [] Bachana Bilal Khan(Radio Mix)
4.19 MB · MP3
3. [] Bilal Khan – Taqdeer
6.67 MB · MP3
4. Bachana (Studio version) []
5.01 MB · MP3
5. Bilal Khan – Banda []
4.82 MB · MP3
6. Bilal Khan – Lamha []
3.93 MB · MP3
7. Hai Intezaar – []
6.31 MB · MP3
8. Kabhi Gham Na Aey (unplugged) – []
5.21 MB · MP3

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