Veena Malik to host the Cricket World Cup 2011 on an Indian Channel and in Fear Factor


    Veena Malik on Indian Channel for Cricket Hosting

    Veena malik has become the talk of the town in both India and Pakistan , and you might have also clicked this link to know another amazing and gossip news about this Wild Cat. Let me tell you clearly, THIS IS NOT A GOSSIP POST nor it is to bash Veena again. Who last month fought her case aggressively on Express TV against a Mufti Sahab and trended over twitter. Take it easy 🙂

    Her popularity waves are not stopped yet as she has even more big dreams and plans than the previous ones. Veena Malik will be hosting the World Cup 2011 on Indian channels, we are not saying that, but she herself claimed it. She revealed this news recently on a prime TV Channel of Pakistan where Juggan Kazim –another brave Pakistani actress and model – was the host and the channel was same Express Television which made VEENA a super star controversial celebrity among youth in Pakistan. She didn’t give the details about the media group or channel she will be working with, but still it’s a big news. Veena also has some great experience and confidence of hosting TV Shows, the best examples are the funny parody show on Geo TV’s Hum Sub Umeed Say hain and a similar comedy show ‘Miss Dunya’ on Dunya TV, where she had already given his best output at as an entertainer.

    Hold your breath here, as we have even bigger news about Veena Malik. Forget Big Boss now! as you guys will soon be seeing Veena Malik in FEAR FACTOR – a reality TV show where participants have to do some dangerous stunts. Believe it or not , Veena herself , all alone, is going to make it big for her and we, the Pakistanis don’t know why, trying to ask her for our share in her succes, when we even didn’t support her ever.

    The topic is quite hot and debatable and there would be many who won’t agree with the author, but guys please LEAVE VEENA on her condition and don’t consider her as an Ambassador of Pakistan(we already have one in each country :D).

    She rightly said on the Front Line show, ‘Pakistan Veena kee Waja say nahi , kuch aur wajah say badnaam hai’ . So guys Let’s get back to some creative work, and try to restore Pakistan’s international image in our own capacity, as now we can’t really drag VEENA anymore. Can we ? 🙂

    Thanks to Ata Shaikh for tipping us.

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