The Sketches Band to distribute FREE GIVEAWAYS to its Fans


    Pakistani Band The Sketches giving FREE T-SHIRTS to FANS

    The idea is quite popular and effective in the whole music world! to distribute the Free giveaways and merchandise among loyal fans in the form of Tee-Shirts, Caps ,Mugs , signed CDs and Posters. But here in Pakistan, we don’t usually see this trend as an OFFLINE, VIRAL and almost FREE marketing strategy.

    A few years ago though, when the band JAL was most popular, the band launched its Official Merchandise and advertised it on their Official Website but perhaps they couldn’t generate enough out of it. Later on some other Pakistani bands’ Tees were seen in the markets and event places. But again, the culture to wear the Tee shirts of our own musicians, and feel proud on our own musicians and artists, couldn’t be promoted among Youth of this country. You will still find majority of music enthusiasts of Pakistan wearing the Tees of Guns n Roses, Nirvana, ACDC and System of a Down.

    Coming back to point again, Pakistan’s rising band “The Sketches” is going to launch its Tee-Shirts very soon and the best news is that they would be ALL-FREE. You just have to request one and spend some time online and active on The Sketches Facebook page and they will select randomly 10 fans each month, who will receive the band’s Tees FREE at their doorstep. We are told that the band has ordered 100 Tee-Shirts that would soon be printed and dispatched to the first 10 most active and loyal fans.

    So Guys, what are you waiting for ? Post a message on The Sketches Wall (with some ‘maska’ off course) and tell them how much you ‘LOVE’ them ? 😉

    P.S : In Pakistan, not only Fans but website managers and authors are also deprived of FREE CDs and giveaways. Hello Bands, We are also here, do care for us please as we also do care for you 😛

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