Coke Studio Season4 to feature an Indian Musician Rabbi Shergill


Rabbi Shergill with Rohail Hyatt in Coke StudioThe news which we had kept in our tummies for quite sometime is finally out now. Coke studio season4 will feature an Indian Musician for the very first time. He is none other than Rabbi Shergill who is well known in sub continent for singing the legendary poet Bulleh Shah in his track ‘Bullah Keee Jaana mein kaun’ which made him star overnight.

Usually, Coke Studio keeps things ‘Secret’ and away from Media until they start their own media campaign to disseminate information. Pakistani Media , be it Print, Electronic or Digital Media, know this fact and don’t blow the whistle each time they get some inside news from Coke Studio. This time, as a Musician is crossing the border to participate in a pure Pakistani show, an Indian media publication has just blown the whistle and broke the news that Rabbi Shergill will be the part of Coke Studio Season 4.

Coke Studio management is very disciplined and strictly ask the musicians to NOT TO REVEAL the things until they are allowed by them. But as the inclusion in Coke studio is like a dream come true for MANY MUSICIANS, they themselves give the news to the media, off course for their own promotion and to show HOW TALENTED AND DESERVED the musician is.

Well, apart from the news that India will have its own Coke studio, its good for a country like ours that we are giving space to others to SHOW their TALENT via OUR PLATFORM. This idea could be well worked if a couple more Indian musicians were invited to the show. Last Word, Rabbi’s inclusion will hopefully make Coke Studio far more popular in India than before.

What do you guys say ?

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