Does Atif Aslam look ‘$AY’ when shaved ? (Gossip)


Well… Well… we were all curious to see Atif Aslam in beard all the time, in every concert and appearances of him. It was considered as the effects of Hajj (Pictures) he did in 2009 and his more inclination towards religion but there was nothing like that. Indeed he shaved ! and shaved very ‘hardly’. (han I guess that’s the word)

There were also rumors spreading  that the beard style of Atif Aslam is for a NEW Movie, other than BOL (probably f or a bollywood movie) But we couldn’t find any such confirm report of that.

Today, just before the Melbourne concert of his Australia tour, he was seen CLEAR SHAVED wearing Red Hat nd trousers and giving a very much different look then he used to give. As soon as the picture appeared over internet and shared on some fan pages , the comments on his new style were worth reading! actually not detailed reading because everyone was saying just one word for him – ‘G A Y’ that’s disrespectful and weird we all know that.

Now, we won’t comment on whether he was looking ‘that’ or not. You check out the New Picture and find some ‘suitable’ word for him. The guy is not that bad ! Hai na ?

Atif Aslam Clean shaved in Melbourne Australia

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