Coke Studio 4 – Last season of Pakistan’s Premier Music Show? [POLL]


“it has always been an intelligent approach to put an end to the show at its extreme, at-least this is what we have seen in the Pakistani Media for last two decades”

by Danish Mughal

coke studio season 4

Ever since its on-aired on the major television networks and FM channels of Pakistan,  the show has been watched and appreciated as an excellent platform to showcase the art and talent that we have in this country – Pakistan. The show really paved the way for too many musiucians who were worried about their careers and always looking for some professional platforms where they can show off their skills properly — to the wide mass audience of course.

Coke Studio, heavily sponsored by Coco Cola and started under the production of the Vital Signs’ mastermind — Rohail Hyatt- has set an example and written a history in Pakistani Media & Entertainment Industry. The show that started back in 2008 , has had 3 successful seasons and now the masses are waiting for its new season i.e Coke Studio Season4, which would be aired sometime in June-July 2011. It is also supposed to be the last show of the series and that it would be terminated afterwards (unless the brand decides to extend the show for next years)

The show – Coke Studio – must go on, or should put to an end ?

Well If we see the trend in Pakistani premier productions like most popular and historic dramas or other media related productions . Here I am talking about awesome work done by the Ace producers like Shoaib Mansoor Sahab and other fantastic creative directors, they always winded up the production once it reached to its extreme so that it ends before the masses feel boredom and the production loses its credibility. So it is always an intelligent approach ( better called Pakistani approach) to put an end to the show at its extreme.

Comparing Pakistani productions to Indian productions like SOAP serials that never end and come closer to the reality, Pakistani premier productions are always remembered even after the decades. Just for an example, we still love watching the old drama productions like Alpha Bravo Charlie, Dhoop Kinaray and Hawaein.

Well, we don’t fully aware of what is cooking inside Coco Cola about this show, but only the time would tell what the sponsors and management of Coke studio decide about its future. But as per our information, Coke Studio Season4 is the last one of the series.

What do you guys say, Should Coke Studio go on after season4 OR should it be put to an end after that?

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