Zaain Ul Abideen’s “ZEAL” (Album Review)


By Salman Siddique

I went through a video where Zaain UL Abideen visited a school! The video was titled “People’s Comments”. Well, that’s a lot of love Zaain has fetched from his listeners! Students were going on all crazy. Going crazy for your favorite is like affected with absent-ism now a days, if you attend concerts that is!

For those of you who don’t know much about Zaain Ul Abideen, he is not new to the industry. His album, by the way, is  ‘New’. Apart from Zeal”, Zaain has sung couple of OSTs and some Jingles too. But we are going to talk about the Album in the later part of the post.

So, what does Zaain’s Album “Zeal” include?Zaain debut album Zeal review

  1. Puch Mera Kya Naam
  2. Maahiya
  3. Chue chue
  4. Ayi Ayi
  5. Sayiaan Sayiaan
  6. Saanson Mein
  7. Saiyaan Saiyaan-Unplugged
  8. Chue Chue-Unlpugged

Zaain officialy released “Zeal” couple of days back.

The Album has Slow songs, Semi-Classical, Unplugged Versions and a total Hip-Hop track. This makes the album what we call balanced. Variety of sounds and instruments are used in the Album. I mean not just strumming the G-Chord in the whole song and ending it the same way! Thank goodness! My favorite is Chue Chue” by the way because I am listening it for quite a while now.

The track “Puch Mera Kya Naam” is influenced by an old desi Indian song “Bujh Mera Kya Naam Hai” but to some extent only. The rhythm is same and bit of lyrics too. Like in the original song the lady singer sings, “Bujh Mera Kya Naam Hai, Nadi kinaray Gaun Rey,Peepal Jhumay Moray Angnan, Thandi Thandi Chaun Rey.” The track is a Hip-Hop song. It contains flutes,beats,tablas and breaks to give it a smooth feel! The song is energetic from the start.The part where Zaain lifts the scale is just awesome. Nicely Put up.I must add that it is not a ditto copy of the old song mentioned above.

“Saiyaan Saiyaan” is another ear catching song. It is a Semi-Classical song. The best part of the song apart from the vocals is the Sitar improvisation. It will surely earn Zaain fans in the elder age group. Personally,I like “Saiyaan Saiyaan-Unplugged Version” because the pitch and scale of the song is higher in the unplugged version which really put Zaain’s vocals to a test!

If you like to render your senses to slow numbers, if you love to raise your hands and wave them to the music then “Saanson Mein” is definitely the track you will fall in love with! As soon as you play this song you feel love travelling through the air.

“Chue Chue” earned Zaain a good name. It is the most perfect song in the Album according to me. Music lovers were waiting for some fresh piece of work and a fresh voice too. It’s Zaain’s first album. He made some mistakes too. Like combining Mini-Pop,Pop and Classical genre in a single song.  Well, my point is our listeners’ listening is not mature enough to digest such a combination. Somewhere in the songs you observe half notes thrown. I am not a Music expert but I do know what perfection sounds like. Over all, a job Well-Done.. I will give him 7 out of 10 as a rating..Much talked about songs are “Ayi Ayi”,” Chue Chue” and “Puch Mera Kya Naam” while songs like “Saiyaan Saiyaan” and “Saanson Mein” are worth lending ears to. The PakiUM team wishes Zaain good luck and a bright future.

I am hearing rumors about Zaain making his debut in the Indian Industry. Zaain , don’t lose your originality there!

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