Hadiqa Kiyani or Faiza Mujahid: Whose voice suits more with Atif Aslam? You decide!


Pakistan’s most awaited Urdu feature film BOL movie’s content is continuously LEAKING! more than the release of it by the Official sources (which raises questions on the PR strategy and management of BOL). If you remember, a video song “Hona Tha Pyar” from BOL the movie was leaked last year. In which Atif Aslam was seen along with VJ Mahira in a video song. The leaked video song made quite a buzz over cyber space and still making it and is available for download on various portals. We also put that up but as soon as we were approached by the film management, it had been removed accordingly.

Atif Aslam Hadiqa Kiyani and Faiza Mujahid Song For Bol MovieJust a day before, another version of the leaked track ‘Hona Tha Pyar’ is leaked by a blog Koolmuzone.com, which features the voice of Hadiqa Kiyani along with Atif Aslam’s Vocals(previously, it was Atif ft. Faiza Mujahid). We just gave the track a try and it sounded not so great to us. Because it is :

  • again very short in length, only 2 mins
  • still seems NOT a Final version
  • not greater than the previous leaked version (though song quality is better)

We are just wondering how our readers would rate to this LEAK and NEW version

Listen “Hona Tha Pyar” by Atif Aslam ft. Hadiqa Kiyani here :

You may also wish to Download it from 4Shared

Our Question is: Whose voice suits more with Atif Aslam for BOL Movie Soundtracks? Hadiqa Kiyani or Faiza Mujahid’s.

For you information, the final version in the movie is by Hadiqa Kiyani and not by Faiza Mujahaid so our vote and sympathy goes with Faiza, she should have given one song in the movie.

P.S there can be No comparison of Hadiqa Kiyani with Faiza, as Hadiqa has so much vast experience than the later. This voting is just to find out the chemistry of the female voice with Atif Aslam’s voice for BOL the Movie.


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