Raga Boyz Raag Pooriya Dhanasari (Official Music Video)


Raga Boyz are among one of the very young, all good looking and well trained classical vocalists that Pakistan have right now.  These young souls have been trying different things to attract the serious music listeners in the Sub-Continent for last many years. But somewhat, they haven’t made it so Big yet. There can be several reasons for this , but the one major we believe, is that they are doing ‘too good music’ that it goes ‘straight over the heads’ of those who always listen and look for routine love songs and have no sense of music or more commonly known as “Classical Music”

The Last time Raga Boyz attempted collaborative songs, was with their Uncle – Ustad Hamid Ali Khan – and the songs name were Madhuban Mein and Zindagi (Download link for: Madhuban Mein and Zindagi).

Raga Boyz ft. Ustad Hamid Ali Khan

This time they are back with some blend of Classical and Rock Music with a Famous Raag called “Pooriya Dhanasari”. After watching the video, It seems like they tried to do a ‘fusion like code studio’ this time. Heavy guitar riffs with some classical vocals definitely take you to the musical experience of Coke Studio.

The Video features too many musicians and is directed by none other than Sohail Javed. Baqir Abbas played very nice flute in it and Dj Ali Mustafa’s contribution to its song production is also worth praising.

Indeed, Raag ‘Pooriya Dhanasari’ is a song that must be in your Ipods and music collection. The album to which this Raag belongs to hasn’t released yet. But once it does, every serious music listener  should get one copy of it. Do watch the video and listen to the song with some more concentration. Give it a try and it will start to work on you for sure.

(We have almost blocked Fire Records content on our site due to frequent copyright claims that the company claims each day, this song is being shared and reviewed on special request of the band who claims that no one has control over their content and whosoever has any problem should contact RagaBoyz directly. Here is one authority letter that we received from Raga Boyz earlier.)

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