Atif Aslam again gets a Freebie from a girl fan in Auckland Concert (WOW Video)


It happens most of the time and with celebrities all over the world. Some receives bottles on stage while others remain lucky and have some lighter things on them. Another Pakistani celebrity who has just received a ‘freebie’ from his fan following is none other than the heart throb of Millions of DESIS – Atif Aslam.

Do you remember how Imran Khan (Amplifier fame) was treated with Chair’s covers in Lahore, Pakistan last year? After that it was Atif Aslam again who was hugged by a girl fan at Kinnaird College, Lahore. Atif Aslam has showed his concerns about Pakistani fans and their behaviors towards him on more than one occasion. That’s why he remains shy and sometimes rude with his fans here in Pakistan on concerts.(but still girls are an exception to this rule and fans mean only ‘guys’ to him).

Anyhow, lets get back to our today’s crispy story: These days Atif Aslam is on his international tour which includes his one chartity concert in Auckland, New Zealand and 3 back to back concerts in Australia, as we reported earlier . He received an overwhelming response from his fans based in Auckland. While he was singing his HIT bollywood song ‘Tere Liye – Jhoomon Deewana Ban Ke Tere Liye’ a fan just thought to return back the favor and words that he was singing. Reportedly a girl fan threw her shirt over stage towards celebrity which successfully reached its target i.e Atif Aslam.

atif aslam girl fan tee at auckland concertKudos to Atif Aslam that he once again didn’t stop singing and continued to his beats and song. He humbly removed the TEE from his head and gave it again to the fans dancing at the left side of the stage.

You guys must be wondering what actually happened there, so here is that ‘Exclusive Video’ all the way from Auckland.

Whoever caught this video seriously made our day and of course contributed to this Gossip post 🙂

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