Ali Zafar fifth sexiest man in Asia! Atif, the 16th


We’re not going to pretend to understand this particular poll, but we will be jubilant and celebrate alongside Ali Break out the huqa pani, throw some ‘Channo’ on your discman and party like it’s 2003! Eastern Eye, a British weekly has placed Ali on number five for the sexiest man in Asia. The list names 50 sexiest men in the region, including all kinds of celebs; models, actors, singers, etc. The voting is done online and the titles go to the men and women who are clearly the most popular around the world.

Ali has been beaten out by Jay Sean, Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham and the king of them all, Ranbir Kapoor. We’re actually kind of glad Ranbir won the top slot, because of the lousy year he’s been having, personal life-wise. On the other hand John Abraham just makes more sense as Asia’s sexiest. However, the title probably means more to RK, who was quoted as saying earlier this year:

“If the women didn’t like me I would feel that something is going wrong, but it feels good. I do understand that the fans I have comprise mainly of women, it feels good to be wanted by so many women.”

Meanwhile, this list of sexiest men proves to be a gift that keeps giving, and places Atif Aslam on number 16.

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