Akcent Band Live Concert in Lahore, Pakistan


Akcent Band Live Concert in Lahore, Pakistan

by Danish Mughal


Akcent Band Live performance In Lahore ConcertAkcent has been the most discussed foreign band in Pakistan this year. Remember, they came to Karachi earlier this year and rocked the Biggest City of Pakistan. Luckily, we were the Online Marketing partners of the Akcent event in Karachi and helped the organizers creating some hype for the event. We also managed to attend, cover and review that unforgettable night.

There had been many news & rumors about their another tour of Pakistan, where they had to come and perform in LAHORE this time. The good news is that the news was not fake and they arrived safely in Lahore( Pakistan) last night and performed and rocked the Lahori crowd.

Before and After reaching Lahore they also updated their fans on the facebook fan page that has over 125,000 fans across the world. It confirmed their arrival and hence also resulted in the mass crowd getting crazy and looking after, WHERE THE HELL IS AKCENT PERFORMING ?

In Last 2 days, Akcent has updated 3 Status related to Lahore, Pakistan. Here are those last 3 status updates.

Akcent band live in Lahore,Pakistan

It definitely shows their love and appreciation for Pakistan. Many attendees are also reporting that they said very good things about Pakistan and wished to visit and perform again in the near future. With times when from sports team to musician, no one is willing to come to Pakistan & play here, It is quite good news and can help Pakistan showing its another soft image in the world.

Let me get back to Akcent’s concert last night. We were not officially covering the event, but some of our team members were there to attend this mega concert. As of now we are getting very good reviews about the event.The crowd really loved the performance and considered the event as the best ever in their life. Till we get some stuff from our own sources, lets watch this youtube video of Akcent performing Thats my name in Lahore, Pakistan:


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