Urdu Movie BOL’s Official Website Launched & Info. Revealed


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Urdu Movie BOL’s Official Website Launched

by Danish Mughal


The most anticipated Pakistani-Urdu feature film by Shoaib Mansoor – BOL – is going to release very soon. As part of the promotional campaigns, the Official Website for Urdu feature Film Bol, has just been launched and a load of information is now available to get access to at the official website.

urdu movie Bol Official Website

People are dying to watch/know about this movie as it is made by one of finest directors – Shoaib Mansoor – and because their favourite young stars are doing acting debut in it. Atif Aslam – the famous pop/rock star of the sub-continent – is one big reason the movie getting so much hype. Apart from him, Mahira – one of the most popular VJs in Pakistan – has also acted in the said Movie “Bol” along with two very talented actresses Iman Ali & Humaima Abbasi.

The Website provides very valuable information about this upcoming flick, such as Its Synopsis, Cast and their views, Director’s views and Music etc. 2 Features are still not working which are DOWNLOADS (the most important one) and Feedback Tab. (It might get disabled for some reasons may be)

If you are curious to know more about the story line of the BOL, let me share with you a “synopsis” from the “synopsis” provided on the website.

“Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, with vibrancy of life, yet restrictions on blooming. It questions the worth of a human being, may it be a woman or a person born with a defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth”.

The complete synopsis can be read at the Bol Website.

Now, for Pakistani Music Geeks, it’s not less than a treat !

Bol Music Credit Atif Aslam

The Bol Movie Official Soundtrack includes 2 duet Song By Atif Aslam with Hadiqa Kiyani and Faiza Mujahid. One track called “Din Pareshan Hai” is written & produced by Pakistani Living Legend & Singer “Sajjad Ali”. Last track is sung by Ahmed Jahanzaib and Shuja Haider while Shoaib Mansoor wrote & composed it.

Check out the full details of the Official Soundtrack below:

“Sayyan Bolain”
Vocals :
Shabnam Majeed , Sahir Ali Bugga, Bina Jawad

Lyrics : Shoaib Mansoor

Composed By : Shoaib Mansoor

Produced By : Sahir Ali Bugga

“Hona Tha Pyaar”

Vocals : Atif Aslam , Hadeeqa Kiyani , Faiza Mujahid

Lyrics : Capt. Imran Raza

Composed By : Atif Aslam

Produced By : Shiraaz Uppal

“Aaj Bol Do”

Vocals : Atif Aslam, Hadeeqa Kiyani

Lyrics : Ayub Khawar

Composed By : Atif Aslam, Sarmad Ghafoor

Produced By : Sarmad Ghafoor

“Din Pareshaan Hay”

Vocals : Sajjad Ali

Lyrics : Sajjad Ali

Composed By : Sajjad Ali

Produced By : Baqir Abbas, Sajjad Ali

“Mumkin Hay”

Vocals : Ahmad Jahanzeb, Shuja Haider

Lyrics : Shoaib Mansoor

Composed By : Shoaib Mansoor

Produced By : Shuja Haider

All songs mixed and mastered by : Kashif Ejaz

You think it’s all done, not really! There are a lot more stuff available at the Official Website of URDU FEATURE FILM “BOL”. Check out for all details the official website:



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