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Atif Aslam

While I was in LA we recorded this song at gilbys studio and thought about how beautiful my world is-in this land, full of culture and traditions. Recording Pakistan was smooth , beautifuly written by Mr. Lanny cordola and the verse ov sufi saints completes it all. Pakistan gave me my home , my school , frien…ds , my first bicycle , the cricket bat, manners , tolerance , patience , respect ,taught me how to reconstruct myself ( my mistakes ,, )……….fans …… ~~…………………. love .. ! ……….and alot more. ……….. I cant thank you people enough for taking out time and absorbing what my views are about this world to be a better place. A gr8 feedback to “” ab khud kuch kerna paray ga “” gives me hope to save the rest. I respect each and every single individual-coming forward to present the true picture of Pakistan , every individual-working in the flood effected areas, every woman praying for this nation i respect u —– “” i have a dream “” Pakistan Pakistan

I have a dream ..

Pakistan Pakistan

I do believe in hope and harmony

Everyone is born to know the truth

Every voice that sings shines a light on u

Pakistan Pakistan

Your sacred heart is a shining star

Across the universe
Masjid dha day mandir dha day dha day jo kuj dhainda

Per kisay da dil na dhaween rab dilan which rainda
Every one is born to knw the truth ………..


“” I have a dream “”

This is what my friend has to say about the land of hope, PAKISTAN ..

Mr Lanny cordola

great speaking with you always my anam cara (soul friend)-in regards to “Pakistan (I Have a Dream)—on a personal level what pakistan has given me is way beyond what i could give to pakistan-the rich tapestry of sight and sound-the profound connection to god and family- the exquisite landscapes and the deep resilience against harrowing circumstances that the people of pakistan continue to overcome-but above all it is the friendships and warmth of spirit that the people of pakistan have given me-this song is a love letter to them-a most misunderstood but beautiful people who i am now proud to call my friends-atif and i recorded this demo version of the song in los angeles at the studio of former guns n roses guitarist gilby clarke- we will complete the song with a very special guest from america in the near future -the footage you see was shot by atif-myself and other friends on a small flip camera during our travels across Pakistan in September and assembled by my friend shawn perry-it is an intimate look at a work in progress which typifies what sonic peacemakers is all about-shining light- a light that emanates upon the hope that you see on the faces of the children-most of who are in the grips of poverty and more recently the floods that have washed away what little they did have-when we complete the song-atif-todd and our fellow sonic peacemakers will travel into all four regions of Pakistan to film the official video for “Pakistan”(I Have a Dream)- this song is for those children who have given us a piece of their heart- a small token of gratitude for their most gracious offering to us-all proceeds will go to them in hope and harmony (Lanny cordola)

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