Video Review: The Sketches Raat (Moomal Rano-A Sindhi Folk Tale)


By Salman Siddiqui |

Hello there everyone. Hope all of you are doing fine. So this post of mine is a view on the fresh band “The Sketches”, a creative and artistic name for a band. “The Sketches” is a band of Saif and Naeem.

So lets talk about their first video song “RAAT” , based on the epic folk romance of Moomal and Rano. Here’s a quick introduction of the story…

The Story of Moomal-Rano

Moomal Rano (Sindhi Origin) is one of the historical tales and is the rich history of the soil of Pakistan. It is one of the four popular tragic romances of South Asian literature. The other three are Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnun and Sohni Mahiwal.

Moomal Rano A Sindhi Folk Tale

Momal was a gorgeous princess and living at Ghotki in a glamorous palace named Kak Mahal in Pakistan. Her people created a magical erection over 22 of 55 which are there in Kak Mahal. A magnetic field was spread over the ground which was giving a transitory look like hasty waves of big river. As well a precarious jungle was fashioned, this occupied with animals including lions, tigers, etc. Princess Momal would marry with the man who would come to Kak Mahal and cross that magnetic fields with bravery. Many of the princes who have heard about the beauty of Momal have tried to get married to her, but failed to cross the Kak Mahal’s magnetic field.

Rano was one of those who heard about the beauty of princess Momal and was one of the contenders who tried to go to Kak Mahal to win the fair lady’s heart. Rano was a wise man and understood the magical strategy of Kak Mahal and reached to Momal and got married with her. The later part of the story is depicted in the video.

Enough story telling. Lets talk about Music Video now

Well the way “The Sketches” improvised the Flute, Drums, Guitars and Vocals is outstanding for a bunch of people going live and releasing their new video. Appreciated! The flute forms a connection between the listeners and the native soil of Sindh, which is a home to undiscovered treasures and myths. The Solo thrown by the guitarist suits the overall tempo and lightness of the song. The combined sounds of instruments create euphoria, and you the listener is teleported to the old, secret and mythical deserts of Sindh.

The glamorous aspects of music is still not enough to out cast the “not-so-glamorous” music , that is folk , qawwali, ghazals etcetra. But seeing someone from the young generation, hoisting the flag of folk music is something all Desi Music lovers should be proud of. Like all the bands, the vocalist is an ” Eye-candy” , but unlike most of the bands, here the vocalist knows how to control his throw and pitch. I mean , he attempted a Folk tune, and did justice with it. It suits his voice.

The wardrobe is like awesome. The terrain selection indicates the seriousness of the Video Director for sure. Overall, a well “calculated” and “conducted” effort.

I am impressed. Aren’t you ?

then Watch the video again more closely 🙂

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