Fire Records failing to promote the Musicians & distributing music content


Fire Records LogoFire Records is supposed to be the most powerful Music Record Label of Pakistan but it is not indeed true. If it’s  “Powerful” then the organization should have reach to every part of Pakistan, to distribute their albums & Content. But here in this case, people assume “Fire Records” powerful as it controls Artists, Bands & their content very tightly.

Fire Records content is like “Fire”! it doesn’t mean that it goes VIRAL but actually it means that No one can touch it. The one who touches the “fire” is burnt into ashes or he gets a threat to get arrested by FIA ( yes Federal Investigation Agency ) . This was the intro of the monopolist record label of Pakistan – Fire Records – as discussed by major stake holders such as Private Music Channels Officials, FM Channels representatives & RJs , Music Website Owners & many a times ARTISTS/MUSICIANS too.

There is an album releasing each week by Fire Records except in the month of Ramadhan (did you know that?) and the company claims to release 60 Albums/ year. But any of you guys remember what were the last few albums released by them?

Do you know about “Toofan-e-Man” a very latest album released by an upcoming band WAJD ?

Do you know about the album “Meri Dharkan” by Rustam Fateh Ali Khan ?

Let’s forget about what the stakeholders are gossiping, let’s take a look at what is happening around in the industry and whether the end user is satisfied with the Fire Record’s performance & distribution.

We were listening from many music fans that they do not get the albums in the stores when they plan to buy some. We didn’t take it serious until & unless we touched the market ourselves ( yeah we are pirates, but sometimes we buy the album — the good album . the last album I bought was of Kaavish’s Gunkali ).

We were shocked to know that one of the biggest music stores in Karachi didn’t have an album which was released only 2 Weeks ago. Forget it; we may be lying, check out what people are saying on the band’s fan pages.

This is one snapshot from Sketches Fan Page, where people are annoying over non-availability of the album.

fire records failing to distribute music

One such complain was also found on Siege’s page whose debut album was just released this month.


It is appearing clearly that Fire Records is not good at album sales, plus it has lost its credibility and music listeners are saying to the bands that they did the worst decision in their career by signing their deal with the fire records. But this is also a fact that Fire Records is the only powerful record label backed by Jang & Geo group, who can take Pakistani Music Indsutry to the top levels. They are just losing their business & market by tightening content policies, rigid album deals and above all worst distribution network . Due to this the company is failing to perform its very important function i.e Distribution of Album.

What Fire Records should actually do?

Revise its distribution network:

Fire Records is badly suffering from its distribution network. Everyone gives the example of Sadaf Stereo — a record label whose album was reached every corner of Pakistan. Fire Records need to revise its distribution network, as when the album is not available at the major & huge music stores in Karachi. How can it be available in the cities like Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan , Faisalabad , Quetta , Peshawar and various other populated cities ?

Establish an Online Album Distribution Network:

It’s kind of difficult task but not impossible. There are many Indian sites running over this model. Either they are giving Free Music Download or charging a reasonable fee per month for downloading all the albums. In this modern and digital era, people lacking interest in buying the traditional CD’s and cassettes. Digital Download is the current trend, that’s the big reason the albums are being pirated. The company must work on an Online album distribution network as it is the time. With Digital Downloads, many overseas Pakistanis will also buy the album Online which will result in more Revenue Generation.

Hire a PR Manager:

Fire Records’ relation with the stake holders is not disappeared from anyone. New Artists are afraid from Fire’s Deal while the artists who have been released by Fire Records are mostly found in quarrel with the company. They complain that they are not getting proper air-time on the channels plus the video runs on TV channel for just 15-30 days and then it is stopped playing.

Fire should seriously think to hire a PR Company or Manager to make their relation better with the artists & stakeholders. This is very important as every stake holder has grievances against fire records. A professional, solely hired for maintaining the relationship can do this miracle and make Fire Records a reputable name (that is indeed needed)

Soften the Album deals

Fire Records must revise its album deal with the Artists. By giving a tightening deal, they un-intentionally (or intentionally) exploiting the artists. They should be open-minded and compatible with the Respected Musicians.

There is a lot more to say and a lot more to reveal but I keep that on some other day. You guys, Please feel free to share your experience with Fire Records at the comments section below.

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