Baby You’re ma girl By Jo-G (Download Audio)


Download Audio : Baby You’re Ma Girl

JO-G is Pakistan’s premier Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Artist, acquired his professional training from Canada.He Produce,Compose, Engineer, Sing, Rap and write for himself and others.

Lyrics :


that’s right

you know who it is who it is

it’s JO-G yeeea


that’s right baby you’re ma girl

ain’t nothing like you in the world

you’ve gotta show me what you got

imma give it to you said imma give it you

it’s been a whie i saw you though

trynna be with you always you know

your body needs me that is for sure

imma give it to you said imma give it to you

_________verse 1________

baby you’re ma sexy girl, nothing like you in the world

if i show you what i got will you be here in my arms

i’ll make you hear my song love you all night long

is there really a way that i could make you stay

i’m wishing on the GOD hear me once and make it rain

and make you’re car breakdown girl you call me down

i’ll take you back upstairs and i hold your hand

and i make ya sit besides me talk for hours

and imma give you what you want you do your thing with bon bon



Jo-G’s back hit back mega drop big track

girl you gotta fill in the beat you’re man just put his heart on stack

i said i don’t lie girl you look into my eye

didn’t i never tell ya that i’d never say ya goodbye

i told ya i’ll watch your thang,, like i said

i take ya precious than ma bling i keep ya ahead

don’t know what’s that what you’re thinking of me

girl its that huh you’re just messin’ with your head

i know never got ya no flower no thang

no blingage nothing always empty hand

i’ve been int he studio never gave ya much time

making them beats that always tell that you’re mine

_______verse 2_______

hey lemme start again lemme tell you my name

than you’re gonna give me your digits and i’ll you late

old days from school from the window to your room

i’ll take ya out in the spinnin low rider, 21’s hydros

sub bass feeling inside, know i got your things shaking party while i’m crusin’

my love is still the same baby nothing’s changed

you gotta feel me here girl i’m your heart

know you wanna get high when you look into my eyes

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