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Kumail Murtaza Pakistani Underground

Kumail Murtaza, born and brought up in Pakistan, was always passionate about music. He has been working on his music for the last 4 years, honing his craft for his solo debut album Naujawaan.

Audio gurus of the likes of Shahi Hassan, Abbas Premjee and Amir Zaki have been instrumental in the creation of the unique sound of this album.

Kumail is currently doing his Bachelors in Film production, and is looking forward to the launch of the album soon.
Year 2008, his work officially got started on the promotion of Kumail’s career as a solo artist. A rough demo was presented to Abbas Premjee. This lead to a collaboration of 8 months, which resulted in the first version of Naujawaan. Kumail says, my first album having an experienced person like Abbas Preamjee for the arrangements of most of the songs on Naujawaan was like having a production safety-net.

A mix of performers appeared on the album:

Shafaq, Omera and Zara Mehmood on vocals, Irfan Hussain on the tablas, and Alfred DeMello on drums (which was recorded at the Dreamstation studio).

Mixing and Mastering was handled by SHAHZAD HASSAN (Shahi).

The tracks were re-recorded with Shahi’s magic, to give it a unique audio perspective. I would like to specially thank Shahi for the albums final sound and a testament to his handwork.
At Shahi’s studio, Kumail, Omera, and Shafaq re-recorded the vocals. Shahi and Kumail played the guitar/bass on Soni and Chandni Raat.

Kumail says, My experience here with Shahi was an education, which I will always treasure.

Check out first the Video Promo to understand the background of  Kumail’s debut Video:

Watch below the Bold & the Beautiful Video – Chalay Jaon By Kumail Murtaza
(Shot on Marina Beach, DHA Phase 8, Karachi)


Want the High Quality Mp3 of the song

Here you go :



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