Underground Pakistani Rap Project Peace G.R.I.P D.E.S.I. Track


Peace G.R.I.P. Desi Track

Peace G.R.I.P.

G. Grand

R. Revoloution

I. In

P. PakCoast

Is a rap/

█▄█ █ █▀█ █▄█ █▀█ █▀█

█▀█ â–ˆ █▀▀ █▀█ █▄█ █▀▀ crew emerging from twin cities Of PakCoast consists of three guys B.C.L.Blade , GRV Worn & E-Sam Startingly Known As Peace Squad Who Did The 1st Cover Song Of “Lean Back” And Got Alot Of appreciation From Fans On Facebook. Getting inspired from rap/ hip hop music they started writing rhymes on their own life not knowing that one day their rhymes will blow up the minds all over the world. Since the initial stage of their musical carrier they have been Working Hard In Their Musical Journey By Making Their Own Music Mixing And Mastering Their Tracks By Their Own Efforts And With No Professional Guidence . They have been catching up success passing through much trials and a tedious journey being indifferent to all other things.

About D.E.S.I

They Made Their Feature Song D.E.S.I. By Their Own Efforts(Made Their Own Beat,Mixed The Song,Recorded In Home Studio) But today by the grace of God Almighty they are rolling much deep infact the best underground rap/ hip hop crew You Can See Them On The Reverbnation Charts They Are On The Top Of National Charts(Pakistani Charts).


Their outrageous lyrics, hilarious rhymes and assertive voices make them different from all other rappers.They tap into the topics like money, liquor, drugs, love, peace etc.

About Peace G.R.I.P.

Peace G.R.I.P. Is simply A Peaceful Musical Band Who Want Nothing But Peace And Thats What They Making After Doing D.E.S.I.(Peace G.R.I.P. Feature Song) They are Makin A Peace Track Tributing Pakistani Army And Pakistani Brave People And Making Pakistan A Peaceful Country In The World .


●๋-Rap Isn’t About Making Dope Rhymes / /

Its About Expressing What I Feel Inside / /

Now People Its Your Time To Decide / /

Am I Getting It All Right? ●๋- ∙∙-∙● B.C.L.Blade ∙●-∙


Promote their music in order to promote the Peace For The World.


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On Myspace(PeaceGRIP)



Official Youtube Channel



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Yo Wasup

Hustler Boi’s Production

Grand Revoloution In PakCoast

Desi Track Man

This Should Be Palyed At High Vol.

Just Another Bang

it ya boi b c l blade

Representin Desi track(Comon)

Wid MA Boi GRV Worn(Turn It Up Bro)

And Ma Boi E-Sam(Lets Do Ya)

Peace G.R.I.P.

Chek Out The Heat Which Is Commin From Ma Beat

Desi Hip Hop Takin Over The Streets (Yeah!!!!)

[Chorus](2x) (B.C.L.Blade & GRV Worn)


Got Ma money on ma mind

Man imma desi

i gotta stay on ma grind

{verse 1}(B.C.L.Blade}

Man ama desi (Yeah) n imma *little rap star* (G-yeah)

ama Skinny boi pushin *big wheelz of a car*(Ahhan)

u cant stop me (Why) Coz *i gotta goin on*

Dont need no fame *i got money on ma mind* (Ha HA)

stay fly gettin high u know *dats fine*

Hataz keep on hattin me while i *stay shine* (stay shine)

people love me in a hood *they dont wan me 2 stop*(G GYeah)

These freakin hataz r Sayin What The Heck Do U Got (W.T.H Do U Got Mayne)

N Im Dropin Dis Hit If U *Like It Or Not*

Now Getcho HAndz In The Air N *Keep Bumpin’ Dis Song*

dats ryt dats the only way i know how 2 rock

n ama keep it rhymin’ till da muziq drop(Bla)

[Chorus](2x) (B.C.L.Blade & GRV Worn)


Got Ma money on ma mind

Man imma desi

i gotta stay on ma grind

{verse 2}(E-Sam)

meri zindagi ay S*** nalay P*** tay sh***(Geeyeh)

na puthay kam karda na hunda main kharab(Ahhan)

puri duniya tay kudiyan pichay ay khuwar

sari duniya da bojh hoya meray tay Sawar(Dats Ryt)

ay kudiyan nay sari (Wat) nirri ay bimarri

variyan nu vaikhde hi (Gun Shot) goll mari(Die Mo’Fucker)

meri zindagi’ch jadoon andi a khuwari

khal jae zamana jadoon aa way meri vari

main duniya ch saray kaam kitaye hi najaiz(Ahh)

kerra ay kanoon jera meary utay faiz(Dasoo)

navi guddi meri kali naly kudiyan da saath

sohniye ni karaan teno payar sari raat

hun bass pori kholo naly suno mera geet(Ahh)

E-Sam Verga koi Milna Ne Meet


Its tha ‘D’ To tha ‘E’ To tha ‘S’ To tha ‘I'(Scratches)

[Chorus](2x) (B.C.L.Blade & GRV Worn)


Got Ma money on ma mind

Man imma desi

i gotta stay on ma grind

{verse 3}(GRV Worn)

Yeah!i m tried of this study life suckin’ all the Time

Engineering PC,just Drop & D.C.(Disconnect)

When i put Tha cap They See me on Tha track

Im gona hack ya heartz With my beautiful rap(Ahhan)

“j*** ***” in ma hand Peaple gimme next pack(Ahh)

This show we have a gap lets start tha rap(Geeyeh)

Seekng in ya heartz ama lil’ wanna say(Wat)

its ma life evry momnt evry day (Ahhan)

Steping in tha world ma rap n tha gulz

Peaple Of the PAkCOAST Leanin’ till They Pay(Lean BAck)

Beef on tha top freakin’ cops on ma back (Yeah)

‘Coz im addicted (yup) addicted Of Tha rap

Jumpin’ in tha dark place no one gona chase

Dosn’t matter What The Heck Hataz gona hate(Hataz Gone Hate)

Runng Like a fire,your love is Our desire

We blowin’ like a breez This spit gettin’ higher

Rushin’ through Your veins i’ll beat You With ma flow

ama make you show diz gona blow(Blow!!!!)

[Chorus](2x) (B.C.L.Blade & GRV Worn)


Got Ma money on ma mind

Man imma desi

i gotta stay on ma grind

(Outro)(B.C.L.Blade And GRV Worn)

We Are Desi(PAisa Paisa Sir TAy Sawar Meray)

Desi(Paisa Paisa Duniya De Jan)

(PAisa Paisa Sir TAy Sawar Meray)MOney On My Mind

(Paisa Paisa Duniya De Jan)Gotta Stay On Ma Grind

Desi(PAisa Paisa Sir TAy Sawar Meray)

Desi(Paisa Paisa Duniya De Jan)

B.C.L.Blade GRV Worn E-Sam

Peace Grip

Man amma Desi (Scratch Down)


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