BOL Movie’s Video song featuring Atif Aslam-Mahira got leaked


By Danish Mughal

Atif Aslam & Mahira in Bol MovieThe most anticipated upcoming Pakistani Movie — Bol — has already been buzzing for months. The Movie was supposed to be launch this September, but unfortunately It couldn’t. But here comes a whole new video song from the movie. Yes, A Complete Video Song featuring Atif Aslam & Mahira has been LEAKED OVER INTERNET.

The leaked video content has exposed at least 1 perspective of the movie. It shows the life of a middle-class young couple who spends their day out for some amusement. In this video, Mahira is appearing in a very traditional way, wearing a Veil(Burqa) she is representing a “Conservative Pakistani Girl image” *probably* .

The video song sung by Atif Aslam starts with a scene where Atif & Mahira playing guitars on a rooftop. Atif Aslam(the doctor) then takes his girl(Mahira) out on a motor bike and show her the external world which she might not have seen before. It depicts that Mahira’s role is kind of “Village girl” who never came out of her shell before. This may be the point or theme of the movie BOL , as Atif has also pointed out in an interview that the movie is a bit CONTROVERSIAL , so expect some TABOOS of our society exposed in the movie.

First Silver Screen assignment of Atif Aslam & Mahira

Pakistani Movie BOL featuring Atif Aslam & Mahira

Bol Movie is the first assignment of the famous Popstar of the continent and most popular Pakistani VJ. Atif Aslam who is a singer must have faced the camera several hundred times, but acting is not something he experienced before. Mahira can speak in a Live TV show and can talk with her fans for hours, but showing expressions in a movie is quite different. After watching this video, I feel Atif Aslam & Mahira doesn’t seem comfortable with the acting, though both trying their best. In some scenes, Mahira looks promising.

About the Song:

The song is typical an Atif Aslam number, slow & acoustic with a catchy guitar tune. The female voice in the song is of Faiza Mujahid who sung Bandeya with Khawar Jawed in Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Ke Liye. The news is also coming that this is not the final version of the track & it is finally sung by Hadiqa Kiyani and not Faiza Mujahid.  We will have to wait some time more to know the actual details & clips.

About the “LEAK VIDEO”

The video has unfortunately leaked over internet, which can be quite harmful. But it should be kept in mind that leaks can’t be done without any inside person’s involvement. Sometimes, the respected owners themselves LEAK the content to create hype. Whatever the case is , this video has been shared on Internet & has come in the hands of ordinary users. It can’t be eliminated now from internet completely, but its effects can only be reduced. As of now, we have seen almost 10 videos down from the internet, while 20+ uploaded on the Youtube only.

Film Management Should Start Sharing The Movie Stuff:

We haven’t yet seen any Official Bol Stuff except the website splash page. If the film has to release in a couple of months, the Bol team should start releasing some teasers & wallpapers to engage the masses. There is no stuff yet released by the team. The fans, especially of Atif Aslam are very desperate to see him in the movies. This is one major reason that this video came out & became so Viral among users.

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