Zaain’s next song in store is going to be a Patriotic Song


    After giving hits like “Chue Chue” and “Saiyaan Saiyaan” Pakistan’s young yet talented singer Zaain ul Abideen is all set to release another song. This time it is a patriotic one.

    What keyed Zaain up to alter from his standard romantic love ones and compose something for the country? The answer is very simple. He wanted to express his chagrin over the present circumstances of the country “He has been cooped up at home for two days because of the ongoing violence in Karachi. And then whenever he turned TV on he would hear the same things, violence, terrorism, flood, plane crash, he got really frustrated and compose this song to get his frustration out” This song has been written, composed and sung by Zaain. Zaain is done with the recording o f the song and it will be on-aired very soon.We have listened to Zaain being romantic, sadistic and flirty but let’s see what magic his voice can conjure when being patriotic.

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