Atif Aslam’s Debut Movie Bol expected to release this September



by Danish Mughal


We have earlier reported to our readers that Atif Aslam had been signed in upcoming Pakistani Film “Bol” by Shoaib Mansoor. Afterwards we shared the news about 2 songs of Atif Aslam featured in the movie. The curiosity to know more & more about the flick is increasing day by day & since there is no Official Statements or ANY PR COMPANY disseminating information for the Movie and also our “inside sources” have “no access”, the rumors are spreading like fire.

Seems like we all will have to rely on Atif Aslam, as we are getting all the movie updates from Atif Aslam himself, like he is the spokesperson or taken charge for “BOL move publicity”. In a recent interview given to FunX FM, when Atif was asked about the movie he told that he just finished shooting the movie and now the movie is in “post production” process (that means the recordings are pack-up) and “probably” the movie will hit the market in September 2010 (Atif certainly believes too)

This is really an exciting news for all the fans who are desperately waiting something big from the side of Atif Aslam , as well as from “Shoman Shoaib Mansoor Sahab”. First the movie was expected to release in 2011 but here comes a ray of hope that we might be lucky to watch the block-buster movie this year.

Another statement given by Atif Aslam in this interview was “there is something controversial about the Muslims in the movie”. If we look back to the Shoaib Mansoor’s previous movie “Khuda ke liye” it was based on another Taboo in our culture & addressed some real controversial & misinterpreted issues relating to Islam, Music, Jihad & Rights of Women. Atif’s statement have rung the bells in many mind as he was recently criticized of singing some controversial lines for a song in an Indian Movie and the same track had another version in which recitation of Muslim’s Holy book was used (which were later taken off by the Tips Company) .

Lets just hope for the best & that this flick hits the Pakistani Cinemas very soon & Instead of containing a “Liberal Westernize” message it should come up addressing some Real Issue in a “very neutral” way. Expectations from Shoaib Mansoor’s project has always been high & Atif Aslam’s appearance in the movie has already made it HUGE. We will keep you updated with more updates regarding “BOL” till then lets Watch Atif’s Interview which resulted in this post : (watch the video after 2:50 for information regarding BOL)

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