Atif Aslam in Warid Glow Ad Campaign?


Since the agreement finalized between the Music Sensation of Pakistan – Atif Aslam & Warid, his fans were waiting & definitely expecting an Ad on their screens. With the current developments in Warid & a new GLOW campaign launched by the company, it is expected that Atif Aslam will soon appear in an Ad, to market the new packages of Warid Telecom.

If you have already watched some clips of newly launched campaign by Warid Glow (which is showing & promoting the CHAMPS of Pakistani Music Industry) you would agree that the campaign to ‘promote’ the “Pakistani Musicains” can’t be completed without Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar & Noori etc. As Ali Zafar is signed by Mobilink & Noori brothers are also busy in doing stuff for various other Corporates, Atif is the only musician left who is missing and he is signed exclusively by Warid Telecom. So, the question is, can he be missed from Warid’s ad ?

The picture showed in the ads in which all the Pakistani Musicians are standing also helped us out to ‘guess’ some of the celebrities whose ad will be running in the upcoming days.

Check out the snapshot first :

Atif Aslam in Warid Glow Ad

From the very left standing:

1. Pappu from MHB ( chances are less as the guy seems very young)

2. Farhad of Overload*

3. Jaffer Zaidi of Kaavish*

4 Gumby – the best drummer of Pakistan

5 Bilal Maqsood of Strings

6 Khalid Khan the bassist*

7. Atif Aslam ( the Ace of Pakistani Music Industry & now for Warid, If he is really Atif Aslam his ad will be shown in the very last)

8. Sikandar Mufti of Coven*

9. A female musician Zoe Viccaji*

10. Asad Ahmed of Karavan*

If you think “Our Guess” is not correct, you can participate in this “guess” post by writing a comment below 🙂

P.S: We don’t have any CONFIRM information and the name of the musicians are just based on “Guesses” which may or may not be correct

*ad released – confirmed

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