Download Audio : “Kuck Kar Key Dikha” By Ovace


Download : Kuch kar Key Dikha

About Ovace :

Ovais Idris Balagamwala a.k.a “Ovace” is a born and bred Pakistani. He
started his musical career at the young age of 15 by picking up his
first instrument; the electric bass guitar. He has been a member of
various bands over the past 10 years in the capacity of bass player.
However, since summer 2009, he has also stated singing in front of
live audiences while simultaneously strumming his deep bass sounds. He
currently holds the position of lead vocalist and bass player for the
popular local Karachi band, JamNation!
In his private time, Ovace is recording his first solo album at his
home studio. He credits all kinds of different inspirations for the
album.  However, he still maintains that the core of the album is
inspired by life in the mammoth city of Karachi. “Hummara Haal” and
“Kuch Kar key Dekha” are the first two singles that he has made
available. He has produced, performed and recorded all the music on
these two songs himself!

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