Ali Zafar chats with his fans on Facebook


Ali Zafar chats with his fans on Facebook

Covered By Danish Mughal

Social Media Marketing is not only attracting Small Companies to target their customers but also the musicians to keep their fans updated & engaged. You can see the Official presence of mostly Pakistani musicians on Facebook, but only few are successful to keep their fans updated & intact. One of them is Ali Zafar, who is adopting latest technology trends earlier than any one.

First, It was joining Facebook, launching an Official Youtube channel then a Twitter Account and Now, He gave his fans time to Chat with him Online.

Ali Zafar Chats with Fans

Today, Ali Zafar Page updated fans about setting up of a Chat Box Application on the Facebook page and announced that Ali Zafar himself will come online at 5:00 Pm PST to chat with his FANS. It was one of its kind in Pakistan that a celebrity was giving time to his fans Online , I mean to a large number of fans.

So the dedicated fans started installing that application and joining the chat room. Every one was asking there where is Ali  ? Will he really come online?  and when would he come Online? etc. Some People were also commenting that he would be FAKE ALI ZAFAR (but we think If he can record video in his studio and upload it on Youtube then why can’t he come online and chat with his fans for some moments”

Anyhow, at exact 5:oo PM Ali Zafar joined the chat room and fans flooded the chat area with the bulk messages. It was very messy there , around 50 people were online for Chat and 10 or more people were writing at the same time continuously, so definitely no one was able to read any one’s message and Even Ali Zafar confused in the start but after a couple of minutes the things started to settle down as Ali started to read some questions & writing short answers for them.

Most of the girls were asking him to sing a song or call her name. Ali remained online for about 20 mins and then left the room, some fans were also joining the chat room after the leave of Ali Zafar.

In his chat he wrote some very interesting things which we would like to share with our readers.

He uses Black Berry

Waist is 31

Studied from NCA

He liked the movies “Inglorious bastards” & “3idiots”

One fan asked “do you listen to Atif Aslam songs? ”

His answer was “Atif is great”  and for one question he replied “I can’t sing it bettet than Atif”

Another amazing question asked from him was, “Would you like to work in Bollywood’s Dostana2 ? ”

He replied, ” ask Atif & Jal ” *lol*

and now we want to share what he revealed in his chat about upcoming projects.

He said, “My upcoming Album “Jhoom” will be released in April (may be in march as well)  and the album will not contain any English Song”

His first Bollywood Movie “Tere Bin Laden” will be released in July 2010″

About Coke Studio appearance he said “Musicians change in Coke Studio seasons , I will appear in next Season insha ALLAH”

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