Hitler Finds out about IPL snub to Pakistani players


All the Pakistanis were dissapointed on the rejection of their Players in IPL 3. But do u guys know what was Hitler’s reaction ? Yes HITLER *lol* please don’t be surprised or shocked.  He was alive just to see the day when Pakistani Players had to be insulted in IPL.

Here we are sharing the most difficult moments in Hitler’s life where he expresses his fullest sympathy with Shahid Afridi & Pakistani Players on their rejection .

I don’t wanna disclose the whole content of the video clip embedded below, but one thing is for sure , it is fu**** hilarious & a must watch for All Pakistanis. I can’t stop playing & laughing on it … apology for sharing this video with some abusing words but Hats off to the person who gave subtitles to it.  Sir Kamaal Kardia Aapnay !!! (Y)

Check out the video & feel free to share :

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