Introducing Creative Video Project Krazzy4(Remake)


Introducing Creative Video Project Krazzy4

By Danish Mughal


Pakistan is rich in talent in each & every field and there shouldn’t be any doubt about it. We have seen much progress in every field of life in Pakistan and are witnessed of some exceptional people who are now shinning the name of Pakistan in The World.If we look into the life of all successful Pakistanis you will find their love for their motherland. The Key is, you should be Pro at your country and always work for the betterment & promotion of it.

We, at are committed to bring all the Pro-Pakistani Media Stuff for our readers and we NEVER EVER endorsed Indian Content on this site. We believe that Our Music is very powerful & melodious and it can fulfil the requirements of not only Bollywood, but also Hollywood can be benefited from our Music i.e Pakistani Music.

I come to the topic again.Today, we want to introduce some young enthusiastic creative people (of course from Pakistan) who put their countless time, tiring efforts & energy, modern creative skills & valuable money in a Project called Krazzy 4. The project is completed to show their ability & skills in their field. I am actually amazed to watch their work but there is only one drawback, they used an “Indian Track” for their music video.

Therefore, it is tagged as “Indian content” in the start and It was rejected from some places for just using an Indian Dance Track. Anyhow, I,myself didn’t watch it completely unless I was convinced to watch the creative skills & not the music at all. Trust me, being honest if you focus on video effects, 3d animation and meta-morphing in the video you will really like it.

About the Project:

This song consists of four extremely mad characters, who are busy in their own lunatic activities. They show you a glance of their crazy world.

The reason for making this video is to showcase our skills of direction,

animation, visual effects, and graphic and website designing.

This video is a result of hard work and untiring effort of our team. The image production’s all team members worked hard day and night for this project.

Their extreme diligence and loyalty towards their work made this project possible.

The idea of creating and bringing a project such as krazzy 4 was everyone’s

dream and everyone worked very hard to make this dream into a reality.

I am sharing the video, believing that if you like the work you will encourage it & also emphasise the video maker to bring, present & promote Pakistani Music next time.We should give tribute, promotion & appreciation to our very own Legends such as Waheed Muraad, Mohammad Ali & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab.

To download everything related to this project.You can log on to the Official Website for this project.

Watch Video:


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