Exclusive Album Review: Kaavish’s Gunkali


Album Review: Kaavish’s Gunkali

by Danish Mughal


Finally, Kaavish Band’s most awaited Album is OUT. I have got my hand on the album and just ripping to the best available quality for my pc ( and for yours too *lol* ) . The album was scheduled to hit the markets in 2008 first and now 2010 is giving us the gift of this album. Come on, lets discover this great album. I want to give you a very first glimpse of Gunkali. Later on, you will be reading more reviews by prominent & great music analysts(in which most of them will be paid, so you better enjoy this un-biased review first to know some details about the album *lol* ).

The album starts with the track “Dekho yeh Chand Taray” which is a melodious yet rocking track because you hear guitaring of Omran & drumming of Gumby in it.I personally loved this track. Gumby did the drumming for the each & every track of the album and I am surprised to know that for one track he is credited as a guitarist as well :S (Gumby bhai ab khud band bana ker na beth jana) . Another amazing fact i want to share is that the former band member Raheel is not mentioned or credited for any track. (to bhai kis liye rakha tha usay band mein itna arsay )

Anyhow, I should stop joking now & come to the actual band members Jaffer Zaidi & Maaz Maudood. Jaffer is really very strong on his vocals and you will find his voice more mature,stable & professional this time. Kaavish’s Gunkali is more inclined towards Classical genre and most of the tracks are very unique in its nature. This album is very different in a way because from the last few months we have been listening more Rock,Soft Rock and Pop Music Albums. This stuff is definitely released for a Change!!! Lets wait & see how this album makes its space.

Let me talk about Maaz Maudood who has done vocals, backing vocals, guitaring and has also written lyrics for some tracks. But, after reading the credits on the album cover & listening to the complete album I observed that Jaffer’s lead role is definitely dominating (though it shoud be) but Maaz’s contribution couldn’t be come on front. Nothing to worry about as it happens and i learnt from the Movie Rock on that Lead Vocalist is the front men of the band and he is given the most attention. This is the only problem which sometimes create problem & ultimately Break-Up *lol* just sharing a thought. Dont have any bad intention towards the band. May they live & continue their work forever (lo bus)

You can also find some compositions & lyrics by our great legend Nayyara Noor in the album. If you remember She has done a track “ek aur jahan mumkin hai” with his son Jaffer Zaidi as well. Its just awesome track and a must download (request us for the track if you want)

Some Predictions about Gunkali:

The band came into the scene with its track bachpan & its very powerful conceptual video. After that there was a very lively track released by them and video also appeared of it & the track was “Choti Khushiyan” which is unfortunately not included in this album. After that another video of a slow track “Tere Pyar Mein” released and I couldn’t watch the complete video as of yet.

This album will be more popular among the serious music listeners. Kaavish has not yet attracted the masses (though they hit the mainstream with Bachpan’s video, but i guess they had been faded away). But their new video “Moray Sayyan” again features some prominent actors like Faisal Qureshi & Samina Pirzida ( the concept is again very “conceptual” as it is very difficult to understand the video in the first go)

One thing is for sure Kaavish is not here to target Youth who are crazy about similar young musicians. Young guys & girls are listening more Rock & Soft Rock music these days, this album might not attract them because space is already filled with Atif Aslam,Hadiqa Kiyani, Jal, Call & Roxen. If it attracts the young music listeners between age group of 16-25 , it can be the most successful album of the year. But, you might have got the idea that its a serious album with some sweet, melodious & classical songs.We will have to wait & see whether it breaks the ice or not.Its a fact that Despite the contribution by Rock Duo Omran & Gumby in the album, it still dominates with a classical touch.

I rate the album 8/10 for the first go. Now i will check how & whether it works on me in the upcoming days or not.

Check out complete album promo here:

Good News for Downloaders : The Album has already started sharing on torrents, so go & get your copy if you are not in Pakistan.

For Pakistani Music Listeners : I would ask you to please buy the album & support the artist. I also dont support every artist and you may get an idea from the fact that Kaavish’s Gunkali is the 3rd album I bought in my life *buhahahaha – bhai can’t afford it*.  So please if you can afford BUY THE ALBUM.

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