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About Falak :

Falak — Exactly as the name defines. A young man spreading the shades and moods of his vocals over the nation and fans across the globe like ‘ FALAK.

Who knew? that a baby born in Karachi, brought up in Lahore and loved by whole world, started his life independently covering his educational expenses along with learning music all by himself right from the childhood.

To achieve his goals n music industry Falak started off with his personal interest — converted business of importing high quality guitars and running a successful display house by the name of ‘ FALAK GUITARS ‘. Soon after expanding, joined by ‘FALAK TEES’, his very own wears and brand. Even after discouraged by many obstacles in the way, Falak did not give up at any stage and moment in his life. Well targeted, planned and focused Falak got made his songs exactly how he dreamt and brought himself into the stage lights and heights with the proper well designed hard working.

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