Falak Fails to Impress with New Music Video ‘Intezaar’ [REVIEW]


Somebody needs to tell Falak to come with some new material because composing songs about love and all that emotional stuff over and over again will not take him anywhere. For all the Falak fans out there, sorry to say but I call it like I see it and this review is not going to be a pretty one.

His latest new song “Intezaar” starts with typical passionate lines such as burning and crying in your love and the tone keeps constant throughout the song – clearly showing Falak has no sense of the ups and downs that are required to captivate the audience. To make things worse, the singer has come up with a music video for the song – which is directed by Saqib Siddiqui  of ZDS Productions – which mainly focuses on his face and him lying motionless in bed. Attempting to show how good looking you are, may grab the attention of crazed fan girls but when it comes playing with the big boys, you have to do better than that. Furthermore, somebody must tell Falak that no one is interested to see him motionless in bed. If you have plans to shoot a music video, you have a lot to learn, buddy.

Sadly, despite having an amazing voice – no denying about that – Falak has failed to make an impact with his new song and needs to realize that his fan-base will become equal to the amount of people in his music video that are watching him singing and playing the piano in the theatre (zero) if he does not come up with new material.

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