Review: Karachi Based Underground Punk Band ICU


Review: Karachi Based Underground Punk Band I.C.U

By Hassan Osaid for

I.C.U is a Karachi based band and has a musical flavor that is a blend of Punk and Rock. ICU stands for non stop party and non stop fun! The Band is the brainchild of four young and talented individuals who have a passion for playing and creating music.

Starting with:

Adil(lead guitars,vocals) formerly playing in the band DNA. The man is in the underground scene for 6 years and has a vast music knowledge.He is very much influenced by the 80’s band Guns ‘n’ Roses. He also has a very creative mind and most of the songs are composed and written by himself.

The rhythms are played by Sarim shafi, a young talented guitar player who plays an effective role in the band. The man is capable of doing his best.

The bass is played by Ovais a very talented guy & at the last but not the least the Drums are played by Shehroz a very talented drummer very much inspired by Mike protnoi from Dream theater. Shehroz is doing job with other bands too.One of them is “Against all odds” a new underground alternative rock band .

As a perfect team needs perfect players so the band(ICU) has a team of perfect players.ICU formerly known as DNA was a very famous underground band has a very vast fan following but because of some reasons band was dissolved and as a member of DNA Adil rebirth his band .

Then lately they changed the name from DNA to ICU.The band is growing their fans day by day & gigs by gigs . They were also the runners-up of The Musik’s battle of the bands . One of their song is very famous among the listeners named “Panch chuhye” . Most of their songs are punk and related to this.

When i asked them why do you only play punk and those funky stuffs, can’t you be serious ??? … They answered me “we as a nation are very depressed by the atmosphere these days so we are entertaining them and trying to put a laughter on their faces”.

ICU is gonna launch their Debut album soon so we are gonna have a new band in the industry which is pretty unique.As there is no punk rock emphasized band in the industry.

They do have some lacks and some gaps which i hope will be covered soon as they are very young and new in the scene.But no doubt the band is very talented and most importantly very young and I know that they can play bands like Guns ‘N’ Roses so hoping that they will be called as the big names in the music industry and wishing them all the best.


The author of the post belongs to an Underround Band called “Against all odds” and has been involved in Underground Music scene of Karachi for a long time .It’s his first post on , hope you guys liked the review.

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