Watch NYTimes Video Report:Pakistani Musicians “Tuning Out the Taliban”


We reported exactly two months back , that the band Co-ven is making waves in International Media . The band was first interviewed by world’s leading newspaper “Guardian” & then we read a detailed article by Robert Mackey on Co-ven the band & their song “Ready to Die”.

Today, a new video report is uploaded on New York Times blog, titled as “Tuning out the Taliban” which is produced by Adam B. Ellick is association with Habiba Nosheen.

The report or documentary focuses on Pakistani musicians who are writing against the west but not the Taliban. The report try to say that Pakistani musicians think that The West is behind Pakistan’s problem and that there is no quarrel of Pakistanis with the Talibans.

In the report, Ali Azmat says bravely that “it is the agenda of Neocons to de-islamize our country”. He is definitely inspired by the controversy theories which have been discussed by Zaid Hamid from last two years on various channels.

You will also watch in the video report , arguments by our very liberal music critics such as Fasi Zaka & Nadeem F. Paracha. Noori is introduced as the “most famous band of Pakistan” and Shehzad Roy as “Pop Icon” . Indeed a very nice report & a must watch!!!

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