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Kamijee is a name that brings all the senses into work when one listens to his music. His music is as diverse as his audience, which is for a macrocosm. Kamijee is not only a seasoned music composer/arranger, but also a remarkable photographer, director and an editor. When all these skill sets are combined, what is produced is an organic global sound, which is the sound from the heart, for the hearts!


Jeevan” is an album that explores various themes. But mostly it is about our true companion that goes with us on the journey of life. This companion is Time. The album longs to spread a universal message thus, caters to a global audience. The genres of the songs vary from rock and fusion to semi-classical and devotional music. Songs in the album have been collaborated with musicians from Jordan, India, Pakistan and North America. What can you expect from it? You can expect to hear melodic sounds of Oud, Sitar, Flute, guitars, Killer bass lines, superb drums, Tablas and much more in sheer harmony!

Kamijee feat. Rahat Album: Jeevan Music composed, arranged, conducted, programmed, mixed, engineered and produced by Kamran Khan kamijee . Director/Producer/DP : kamijee Asst. Dir/Editor: Faadi …

Musicians who worked on this project are:

  • Guitars: Sayyam (Gurus Trilogy)
  • Bass guitar: Zeeshan
  • Sitar: Imdad Hussain
  • Flute: Rahat Ali
  • Violin: Saleem
  • Oud Guitar: Naser Musa


  1. Junaid Jamshed
  2. Glen John
  3. Rahat Ali
  4. Mohd Ali
  5. Ali Raza
  6. Arooj Aftab.


  1. Ovais Sohail
  2. Kamijee
  3. Shoaib Mansoor

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