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Sketches Band

It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of Music keeping a firm believe in the power of the language of the Music and it’s soul. They started working on the band and named that inspired them was “THE SKETCHES” which is defined as an initial requirment to work on. Both Saif and Naeem sketched their Music with excellence and after six years of dedication and hard working released their first video named “Dastkari”

The song “DASTKARI” is based on the social issue, with soft touches of lyrics and meaningful concept. Video gives the sense of friendliness and show courtesy. It was highly appreciated by fans all over the world. Fans of sketches were once again pleased by Second video BHOOL CHUKEY. Once again the band got full support from the fans in general but the response from India was outstanding.

Sketches has also made appearances on various local music channels & FM  stations. The band is ready with the debut album and a deal has also been signed between The Sketches and Fire records. Their album is expected to release in November this year with 4 new videos :

So keep checking the screens for sketches stuff and download the tracks by SKETCHES only from

Click the title below to download audio tracks:

  1. Dastkari
  2. Bhool Chukay
  3. Ik Insaan

Videos by The Sketches Band


2. Bhool Chukay

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