Concert Videos: Ali Azmat & Band at Carlton Hotel Karachi [10 OCT 2009]


So here are some concert videos available on youtube of the concert that rocked the karachiites one more time. Those who missed the event can now enjoy the concert without any passes or ID cards 🙂

Check Out first the sound check & jamming by ALI AZMAT , OMRAN & GUMBY

then check out this clip in which Ali is singing “Sayonee” and crowd is giving 100% response to him .  Try to hear the song it seems like an extended version of Sayonee , also do check out the guitaring done by Omran.

Mein Chala (strumming the guitar like playing a game)

Tanha Hai Kyun ( sochooo kabbhhhii…. sochoo kabhiii …..eeee…. the next line comes into my mind

naaa karoooo Aliiiii…..eeeee….eeeeeeee:))

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