Nouman Javaid made upset his good luck charm “Bhatt”


Nouman Javaid made upset his good luck charm “Bhatt”

By Danish Mughal


Nauman Javaid – the upcoming music sensation of India & Pakistan – who was interviewed by myself & which was published first over internet in these blogs , after taking much exposure, is now failing to hold the fame he has achieved.

A Controversy has started at the very beginning of his career. Couple of weeks back , Nouman himself shared a song on a website claiming it to be his version while it was sent to him by Pritam in KK’s voice to test if Nouman’s voice would suit the track.

The track shared by Nouman started floating over internet through social bookmarking sites and it was giving the message like “KK has stolen the composition of Nouman” however there wasnt anything like that. The track “O Meri Jaan” by Nouman started creating misconceptions , though after sometime it was taken off from sites , an apology was made on all groups but ! it had spread like fire & had done the damage.

Now, Mahesh Bhatt who gave him the entry into bollywood is dissapointed and saying,

“I always made a conscious attempt to promote Indo-Pak cultural exchange and this move by Nauman will give my detractors another opportunity to speak against me”

He further said “I personally don’t believe that he did it with any malice in his heart. I guess it was just a lapse in judgment because of his age… Though he did put an apology on all possible Social Networking Websites, however I feel that at this stage it is too late and too little. I feel that Pritam is badly hurt at this gesture of Nauman “

On the other side, Nouman is confessing as well that he doesn’t own “O Meri Jaan” & its 100% composition of Pritam. While talking about this issue he said ,

“It is a situation which just got out of hand. I want to say on record that the O meri jaan song from Tum Mile is not mine. I have neither sung it nor have I given the music. My relations with Vishesh Films and Pritam are very important to me and I respect them as they are like my family. I had just done the cover version, which is now on the net, for a friend. I have never taken credit for it. It was a fun thing which got leaked on the net and I regret that. Kay Kay is a fantastic singer and I also spoke with Bhatt saab. I repeat that it is not my song.”

After analysing the whole situation it seems like Nouman is in hurry and wants to cash his fame as soon as possible. No doubt , his heart and intentions are clear but as he said , he should come up on air and accept that this all happened due to recklessness and lack of knowledge about “speed of Internet” . We hope that this issue will soon be forgotten and will not create more misconceptions between Nouman & Bhatt as well as between the two countries.


Media persons & musicians should beware of uploading the unreleased stuff on their pages. Because once done , it can neither be reversed nor eliminated. Hope you guys have got the point.

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